Intel on new Alder Lake – “The world’s best gaming processor”

“The World’s Best Processor for Gaming.” This is how Intel describes the new i9-12900K, the top chip in the company’s Alder Lake family for desktops that was unveiled today. This is the twelfth generation in a crowd that is expected to include upwards of 60 different processors in more than 500 different computer builds, where the parade branches include support for significantly faster DDR5 memory, support for new PCI Express 5.0 and a turbo frequency of 5.2 GHz.

Today’s starting field for the Core 12000 series includes six processors, where in fact there are three different models with (K) or without integrated graphics (KF). The above is thus the worst. i9-12900K offers, among other things, 16 processor cores divided into 8 for performance (Golden Cove) and 8 for energy efficiency (Gracemont), as well as 24 wires. Depending on what you are doing on the computer at the moment, different cores will have to pull different amounts of the load, which will pave the way for optimal performance in all situations.

Since it is, after all, a processor for computer players, Intel takes the opportunity to mention some clean gains when it comes to frames per second. In Troy: A Total War Saga, fps should be able to increase by as much as 25 percent, 28 percent in Hitman 3 and up to 23 percent in the new, heavy-handed Far Cry 6.

Even the much-coveted content creators will get their share of the performance cake. Thanks to “advances in multi-threaded technology”, image processing performance should be up to 36 percent faster, 32 percent in video editing and as much as 38 percent for 3D modeling.

Intel seems to be oozing confidence at the moment. In early October thanked the company AMD for a good match, but at the same time announced that it plans to take over the leader jersey with the now unveiled Core 12000 series and upcoming Sapphire Rapids for data center.

The other newly launched processors are named i7-12700K and i5-12600K. The latter is really the only one that can be described as a mid-range chip, while both the i9 and the i7 are more geared towards enthusiasts. All processors will be available globally from November 4, with prices ranging from $ 264 to $ 589. We did not find out the Swedish prices before the launch.

We at PC för Alla plan to write in more detail about Intel’s Alder Lake investment in the near future, so feel free to keep an eye on the site!


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