Health Innovation in animal health and welfare : live yeast...

Innovation in animal health and welfare : live yeast and hydrated


Innovation in animal health and welfare, with RFN GEL

RFN GEL it is a probiotic exclusive that provides live yeast and hydrated, without passing through heat treatment, in combination with metabolites derived from their multiplication (enzymes, vitamins, amino acids).

“The product line RFN is designed to exert modulatory effects on the microbiota of the digestive tract, which allows the animal to strengthen its defense mechanisms against pathogens.

This new format gel AMBiotec presented to the market is indicated especially for lactating animals, where, in addition benefits entericalso encourages the rapid consumption of feed what that allows you to earn weight reducing morbidity in neonatal.

Since 2006, AMBiotec it has offered the rancher and the vet solutions in animal welfare, ensuring a healthy growth and balanced in scale, productive farms sustainable and profitable.


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