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On Thursday we have to prepare for heavily rainy weather all over the country, in Transdanubia the snow and tin rain can alternate, while in the northwest it can snow. In the east and south, rain will be the determining factor, it turns out National Meteorological Service from your weather forecast.

Thursday morning weather forecast.

Photo: OMSZ /

The OMSZ issued an alert to the western and central regions of the country due to tin rain. According to the forecast, during the day the snowfall that started at night will continue in the foothills of the Alps, while in other parts of Transdanubia it will initially be expected to receive snow, frozen rain and tinny rain, and then it will rain more and more from the south.

Tin rain in the morning can be expected mainly in the central and eastern part of Transdanubia (mostly on a temporary basis), but especially in Veszprém county it is possible to exceed 1 millimeter (approaching 5 millimeters) until the late morning.

During the day, the state of precipitation shifted from the northwest to snow in an increasing area, but the boundary of the state change is still quite uncertain. In total, there may be more than 10 centimeters (up to 20 centimeters) of snow in North-Western Transdanubia and the Transdanubia Mountains, while in the north-eastern part of Transdanubia, in the area of ​​the capital, there may be 5 centimeters of snow. During the day, the recovering north-west wind can carry snow in Northern Transdanubia.

On Thursday mornings, the clouds will increase in the east as well, so the sky will usually be overcast, only in the evening there may be some tears. In many places, but in the eastern counties, rainfall is expected only from evening. In the north-western parts of Transdanubia it is expected to have heavy, heavy snowfall, mixed precipitation to the south, while in the south-eastern and eastern parts it is expected to rain. In the morning, early in the morning, torrential rain may occur in several places.

During the day, the state of Transdanubia changes to snow and then to snow, so in the evening most of Transdanubia may turn white, and a thick layer of snow may form in the western counties. In Transdanubia, the northern and elsewhere eastern winds may be accompanied by strong, sometimes strong gusts of wind. From the afternoon, the wind turns south in the Trans-Tisza region.

The highest daytime temperatures will be between 0 and 8 degrees, and the coldest part of the Alps will be colder. By late evening, the temperature drops to between minus 2 and plus 5 degrees.

Thursday evening weather forecast

Thursday evening weather forecast

Photo: OMSZ /

By evening, the clouds in Transdanubia will be more fragmented, while the east will be heavily cloudy or overcast. The precipitation zone is migrating to the east, mixed precipitation is expected in an increasing area in the area between the Danube and the Tisza, while rain can be expected along the eastern border. West, southwest winds may pick up at times, but will remain moderate in the early hours of the morning.

The lowest temperatures will usually be between minus 6 and plus 3 degrees, with light weather in the east. In the weaker cloudy, windless, snow-covered landscapes of the west, the air can cool down to as low as minus 10 degrees.


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