In Kiev, people fought in the queue for vaccinations

Photo: screenshot

People fight to get vaccinated

On the eve of the introduction of the red zone in Kiev, the number of people wishing to be vaccinated sharply increased. It came to a massive brawl.

In the capital, on the eve of the introduction of the red quarantine zone, the number of people wishing to be vaccinated and not be subject to restrictions has increased sharply. In a long line, it came to a fight. The corresponding video appeared on social networks.

“A few hours before the introduction of the red zone, people in the vaccination centers went mad,” the report said.

The released footage shows that a large number of people gathered at the entrance to the vaccination center who wanted to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

At the same time, some of the people crowded around two men on the floor, who were fighting. In addition, two women next to each other grabbed each other’s hair and pushed.

The day before it was reported that huge queues for vaccination appeared in Kiev.

Earlier it was reported that on the territory of the International Exhibition Center to the point of mass vaccination there was a crush at the entrance due to a failure in the electronic queue.

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