Business If the bees disappear, will see financial institutions billions...

If the bees disappear, will see financial institutions billions of apply NOW


If the biodiversity is reduced, that the economy is in danger, and, to conclude, The Dutch central Bank (de nederlandsche bank) and the Planning bureau for the living Environment (PBL) on Thursday in a joint research project. With the disappearance of a species, such as bees, many food crops are pollinating, it would be about 510 billion euros of Dutch financial institutions are at risk.

This amount of money in our banks, insurance companies, and pension funds globally, with investments in outstanding companies which are in the high or very high extent, depends on the so-called “ecosystem services” such as pollination. These services are provided by the investigators is defined as “the benefits that nature provides to society and the economy.

“In the coming decades, with the threat of a worldwide period of half to one million plant and animal species to extinction, as a result of the changing land, and the zeegebruik, over-exploitation of ecosystems, climate change, pollution, invasive alien species,” write the researchers in the field.

Damage to corporate reputation and changes in government policy

Dutch financial institutions have had 97 billion euros will be invested in companies that have a large negative impact on biodiversity. That brings with it, according to the researchers, the risk of loss of reputation along with it. The consumer preferences are changing also, some companies are in the card which is more durable to trade.

Changes in government policy can also ensure that companies and financial institutions to put their money in, they’re forced to in order to become more sustainable. That will cost a lot of money, and it means, that the income omlaaggaat. So, it may pay to financial institution, companies with a large environmental footprint, and to avoid this, say the researchers.

“Biodiversity contributes to the mitigation of climate change, but at the same time, a negative influence,” states the study. The earth can be, therefore, accelerated warming due to the loss of biodiversity, in the case of investments in companies in which the climate-damage is also a risk of to make.

It is, according to the Dutch central bank,, PBL is important for financial institutions to reduce the risks of biodiversity loss and climate risks in their policies.



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