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“If I get to put in front, I go back to kill” | Radio Club Tenerife | Today


The Audiencia Provincial of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has hosted the second session of the trial on the case of murder of a man in the area of Cabo Blanco in the south of Tenerife. During the hearing, Jonay, one of the two defendants, has been declared guilty of the death of Manuel aka “The Tajonero” and released to your sentimental partner. In this way, the alleged perpetrator of the homicide has been ratified in the facts, as asserted, in his testimony to the Judicial Police during the course of the interrogations. In this sense, the agents in court, have claimed that Jonay them said verbatim, “if I get to put forward, I kill you.” For the Prosecutor, it is a maneuver to try to exonerate your partner to whom is attributed also the murder charge. The incident occurred in November of 2017, when, after a strong discussion Manuel died after being stabbed in the neck and later to be finished off on the ground with a stone of large dimensions. The Prosecutor asked for 46 years by each of the defendants.


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