How does a cut Tesla steering wheel work in practice? The first experiences are embarrassing

Would you buy a car that has a strange rectangle stick from an airplane instead of a steering wheel? If so, you can buy the Tesla Model S, which offers such a thing in the latest and most powerful version of Plaid. And because these cars are already reaching the first customers, the first videos showing the work with this device are also appearing.

The biggest controversy stems from the fact that the driving ratio has not changed in cars equipped with a stick. This means that a turn of less than 180 ° is not enough to “turn” the wheels – you have to touch. And this is much worse without a round wreath.

The video without comment above was published by youtuber Chris B and it looks like he is already quite used to the stick – except for the moment when he obviously blows the horn. This does not happen with normal steering wheels during normal driving.

The second video comes from the OCDetailing company, and let’s forget that the driver in the car doesn’t sit very well; he may just not want to interfere with the customer’s car seat adjustment unless necessary.

According to his own driver, this driver holds a stick from Tesla in his hands for the first time. “I have a weird feeling about it,” he says, but later adds that it’s great to see the instrument panel. At the end of the video, he thinks about how often the car owner accidentally “presses” a touch button on the steering wheel with his palm when turning.

He also tests how the car knows when to drive forward and when to reverse – and this system is not perfect. When the car has a fence behind it and leaves the parking space, it selects the forward gear correctly, but after stopping, when it is necessary to reverse into the building, it is necessary to manually select the reverse gear by dragging your finger across the display.

P-shifting is easy – either taps the screen or unbuckles the belt. However, those who get used to the latter method should remember that not all cars themselves classify P when a person unbuckles a seat belt or opens a door.

So the new Model S Plaid is obviously easy to drive, even though it doesn’t have a round steering wheel. Nevertheless, it is not possible to talk about improved functionality and the new way of controlling the most basic functions of the car will certainly be controversial.

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