Hospital. The new pricing will wait until February

The emergency department of Meulan hospital received 21,255 people in 2021. (©Méréva Balin)

19.61 euros. This is the price now charged for each visit to the emergency room without hospitalization, regardless of the examinations carried out. This single rate must be paid on site and will not be reimbursed by social security. Only the owners of mutual insurance will not have to make an advance of expenses, in the event that they have their mutual insurance card on them.

In the three emergency departments that are part of the Northern Yvelines Territory Hospital Group (GHT), the implementation of the new emergency patient package has been delayed.

In Mantes, we do not have a payment terminal or administrative staff to edit invoices on site. Patients will continue to receive their bill by mail.

Bernard Landaissecretary of the Force Ouvrière (FO) union

At Meulan, we are still waiting for the update of the invoicing software. “He should edit the invoices automatically so the agents are not worried. It shouldn’t take them extra work. The package should be put in place in February”, announces Franck Verginius, FO secretary.

Encourage patients to turn to city medicine

The first objective of system launched by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health is to unclog the emergency services. It must encourage the public to turn to city medicine for everyday ailments, forgetting somewhat the lack of attending physicians in the Nord-Yvelin area.

The majority of patients encountered at the entrance to the emergency room in Mantes-la-Jolie have not heard of the new pricing. Nevertheless the promise of a reduced waiting time appeals to them. “It’s always very long, laments Amine. People need to understand that emergencies are for serious accidents.”

The emergency services of the Yvelines Nord GHT recorded 105,616 visits in 2021. Only 15% of them were followed by hospitalization. “It would have been more interesting to educate the public by explaining to them that it is better to call the Samu rather than coming directly to the emergency room”, laments Bernard Landais.

Fresh money for hospital budgets

The reform also aims to make the pricing of care more legible and to improve the financial health of hospitals.

According to my calculations, the Mantes hospital will be able to recover 547,200 euros for a deficit of 16 million euros. I don’t see how that could solve his financial problems. In addition, the device is expensive in terms of personnel, infrastructure and organization.

Bernard Landais

Contacted, the management of the GHT of Yvelines Nord did not wish to confirm these figures.

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