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Hospital de Parla: “we’re Going to deny the bed to the patients most at risk of dying have” | Madrid


A video with instructions of a chief medical officer to their team in a hospital of the Community of Madrid reveals that in mid-march the healthcare is prepared to receive political orders denying the cure to older people. The doctor says crudely in the recording to the surprise of his colleagues who at that time had already been excluded from treatment to the elderly, from care homes: “they Are being given therapy for a bacterial infection and if it is a covid, bad luck”.

The video was recorded at the hospital Infanta Cristina in Parla, south of the capital, as part of a preparatory session for a scenario of imminent collapse hospital, he has been able to find out THE COUNTRY. A fragment had been circulated by social media since the end of march without it being known of its origin or its veracity. A spokesperson for the hospital says that the session took place in the second or third week of that month to prepare the team at a critical time. The workshop on 19 minutes it was recorded that the companions of the guard might know a information considered as “very important”.

The instructor warns the medical internists that the pace advancing income in the hospitals of the Community of Madrid, the region would enter 48 hours in a collapse of your ICU. He reveals to them that the rejection of older people is going to come imposed by the health authorities, and that the only margin left to them to save those lives is to be more strict with the income of young patients with good prognosis.

“If we want to save our seniors, we will have to assume some form of… risk that a young patient, that if it gets worse nobody is going to deny a bed in ICU, not in your home,” says the instructor. Then he asks his team to agree to a series of criteria to identify young patients who would be sent to their homes.

“It is possible that in the next few weeks to a patient of x age are denied admission to hospital because we need the bed for another patient that benefits the most from it. This is a trauma. We’re going to deny the bed to the patients most at risk of dying have but we need to reserve it for the most years of life we can save,” he adds.

The spokesperson of the hospital ensures that the hospital never refused sick because of her advanced age. “We have not denied anyone a treatment if it was more appropriate”, he emphasized. But children of older residences in the municipality of Parla have denounced to this newspaper that his parents died for lack of hospital care.

The father of Julia Myron passed away on April 5 by the covid-19 after days in critical condition at the residence of the group Vitalia in Parla. “During all the time that he was sick at any moment the direction of the centre or Health of Madrid took my father to the hospital, where perhaps it would have been a chance to save a person, for a lot out of a person of 87 years,” says Myron.

The session took place at a critical time for the madrid hospitals, when there were only 400 ICU beds free of 1000 available

The video reinforces the credibility of the families in madrid to denounce the fact that their elders died without medical assistance during the worst month of the pandemic, between mid-march and mid-April. More than 400 children and grandchildren have been added to the complaints against the Community of Madrid and several residences for having denied the relief to the deceased. In the residences of madrid have died by covid-19 almost 6,000 people.

The session took place at a critical time for the madrid hospitals, when there were 400 beds ICU-free 1,000 available and the rate of income in these rooms was of 133 the day, according to the instructor. (The Community expanded later those beds that came to 1.528 at the beginning of April). The sick piled up in corridors, lying on mats or sitting in chairs, and lacked basic resources. The health locals to protect themselves with garbage bags, and the patients wore diving masks Decathlon. Despite this situation, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, branded hoaxes the information collapse health.

The instructor of the session tells this newspaper that he used certain expressions “striking” as a hook to attract the attention of your team. A fragment with the first seven minutes was published on march 25 on YouTube without the permission of the hospital and the social network has not removed despite the fact that he has requested because he considered that his statements were out of context. The hospital shared with this newspaper the rest of the talk from the instructor whose face and voice have been distorted by this newspaper in the video that appears in this article. On the whole, it is clear that the purposes of the session were to inform of a very close political decision that would exclude the elderly and to adopt decisions of internal organization to delay the collapse of the hospital de Parla.

The “theory of the parenthesis”

With the help of slides, the chief medical officer gives start to a session called “theory of the parentheses”. The name is a metaphor to explain that only the sick population that was left inside of the brackets, the parentheses were to have access to the hospital. In the days following the brackets were to narrow like tweezers. One side of the brackets would be moved by the political authorities, to the exclusion of the vulnerable elderly, and the other by the hospital, leaving out younger patients with lower risk.

The instructor speaks of several bottlenecks that were forming, the first, immediate, in the ICU; and another also next in the hospitalization. “For the sake of the seniors, before that we are obliged to drive them out of the hospital, we have to prioritise getting young people, who are never going to deny a resource, in order to have beds available for patients most elders,” he reported.

The team leader gives contradictory information on who imposes the hospitals of Madrid, the triage of the elderly. Refers to orders of the ministry and of the Community of Madrid. As has been revealed by this newspaper and others, the regional Government circulated to hospitals and health centers and the protocols of triage to dependent persons, with disabilities, or with more than 80 years.

It also reveals the instructor that that very morning he had passed an authorization for the forces of law and order were patients admitted still sick resistiesen to go home. He advises his colleagues not to waver when making that hard decision. “If you do not, you will be someone, some administrative-that tell you ‘do not meet the criteria of income’ and will bring the police and taken to the hospital, but you don’t want to”, she says to her team.

Insists that they must follow orders of political leaders for very much in disagreement that they are and that the new criteria represent an ethical challenge which is unprecedented in their careers. “These are tough decisions so horrific, that it will cost them re-election policy safe, okay? It will cost you your head, but it is necessary for society”, informs them.

“The ICU beds are not in my hospital. The ICU beds are of the Community of Madrid and to assign the patient of all of the Community that most benefit from it, not by severity, but by years of life recoverable. That is drastic. This is horrifying. I wish I wasn’t living it,” she says.

“This is a change of chip, is it? We are not prepared neither for this. What I know,” the doctor says. “That decision we’re going to come up,” he adds.

Do you know cases of irregularities in a residence of the Community of Madrid? To contact the reporters section of Madrid [email protected] or [email protected] or send them a message on Twitter to @FernandoPeinado or @jdquesada

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