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Home help. Parliamentarians want to enhance the “jobs of the link”


Home help, childminders, animators: these jobs “Of the link”, mainly exercised by women and often precarious, require a strong salary increase and one “Change of look” of society, argue Wednesday Bruno Bonnell (LREM) and François Ruffin (LFI) in a report presented to the Assembly.

“Trades that weave the link from the cradle to the grave”

In this text, consulted by AFP, the deputies, with often divergent positions, call to put their hand in the wallet to “The trades which make it possible to weave the link of the cradle at the grave », drawing up 43 proposals to improve the working conditions of nursery assistants, carers of children with disabilities (AESH), extracurricular animators, and home helpers, particularly highlighted during the coronavirus crisis.

These trades, which could represent some two million jobs by 2040, have in common “To be essential to living together but to be, paradoxically, very precarious”, they write.

Low wages and “painful” working conditions

Complex hour counting, fragmentation of working days, partial hours suffered: “The salaries are extremely low, the continuous training insufficient and very often arduous working conditions, both physically and psychically “, they continue.

“The lack of sufficient income and real status is explained by the great tolerance of society for the precariousness of these trades: this tolerance comes from the fact that they are predominantly exercised by women, identified as close to the sphere domestic and very technical “, they add.

Better paid trips

To make these trades more attractive, they propose for example for home helpers to better pay for travel and to set a minimum of one hour of home intervention for vulnerable audiences.

After the controversy over their lack of equipment at the start of the epidemic, they also plead for them to be “Registered in the national directories of health professions” and they have “The same level of priority for access to protective equipment, and the possibility of having a professional card and a professional badge for their vehicle”.

AESH and leaders of public schools

For childminders, who keep toddlers at home, they would like to allow more people to work with four amenities, that is to say to be able to babysit four children, and a doubling of their initial training to offer more prospects.

For the AESH and the extracurricular activity leaders, again very often women, they demand to review the index grid and allow them a status “More protective” by integrating them into the territorial public service or the state public service.



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