here’s how discounted Captain America comes to the show

Season 3 of The Boys will be streaming soon on Amazon Prime Video. Among the new characters expected, we will deal in particular with Soldier Boy. Actor Jensen Ackles has just revealed how he will be introduced to the program.

Jensen Ackles will play Soldier Boy in season 3 – Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Season 3 of The Boys will land on June 3 on Amazon Prime Video. A third act which will be marked in particular by the appearance of several characters like Soldier Boy. A sort of Captain America on the cheap, this one will be played by actor Jensen Ackles. In the comics, he is a naive and patriotic Supe aspiring to join the Seven. Invited in the podcast “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum”, the comedian revealed some crisp details about his introduction in the plot.

Soldier Boy, who should return The Boys much darker, will begin his adventure in detentionn. “When they find me, I have been in captivity for some time. I’m bearded and I look like a castaway like in the movie Alone in the World. Then they clean me up, I put my superhero outfit back on and I go to town,” confides the actor who also indicates that his character will be a ” dumbass “.

The Boys: Soldier Boy will be a central character in Season 3

One wonders in particular why Soldier Boy was imprisoned. Did Vought decide to take him into custody because the Supe had become inconvenient for the company? And who will come to his rescue? If the Supe does harbor a grudge against Vought, he could be a prime recruit for Butcher’s clique. We will obviously have to wait for the broadcast of season 3 to be sure. As an appetizer, here’s what Soldier Boy’s shield will look like.

Jensen Ackles will in any case be closely scrutinized, the introduction of his character being eagerly awaited by fans of the series. Last August, showrunner Eric Kripke unveiled the behind-the-scenes cast of Soldier Boy. The opportunity to learn that the actor had joined the adventure thanks to a happy combination of circumstances. “I had Jensen on the phone and asked him if he wanted to do it. So I sent him the script and he immediately accepted. If he hadn’t called me that day, he would never have gotten the role.

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