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Heartfelt farewell letter of Alexandre Guimaraes for players and fans of America de Cali


June 16, 2020 – 03:42 pm.
2020-06-16 By:

Drafting of The Country

After America de Cali oficializara the departure of coach Alexandre Guimaraes, the brazilian wrote a heartfelt letter of farewell to the players and the fans.

This is the message from the technician who gave the star 14 the box scarlet in December:

“I am even as the players that wear them, or we, missing shortly to finish the match. When the referee gives the final, we say: ‘so nice that was and it’s over…’.

I have no reproach to nobody. One puts God disposes. I’m not sad because we have finished this adventure with the ‘Mechita’, rather I am happy that we have been able to live it.

I once read that football was a search of strong emotions. And that is what we remember after a party or, in our case, a stay on a computer. And we are not speaking of either one.

We were noting the greatness of America de Cali from the time of the announcement of our engagement until its end.

We knew that was going to be very difficult, but the difficulty of the task, we never removed the illusion of conquering the hearts of the players and the fans.

And if that is achieved from the outset, as happened to us with our players in America, the road is easier, and resistant to adversity. There’s that rapport that we had during our entire step for the club in americanism.

Sometimes things do not have to endure so much so that they are identifiable. But if from the beginning the roads are clear and the routes to cross them also, the ones and the others go with the understanding that better to do it together than apart. Hence the eternal gratitude to them and to the entire ‘team next to the team’.

Without that collective spirit that among all we build in America of Cali, it would have been more difficult to get the star 14 and return to play Libertadores.

A few times, and the eye that I’ve been in this a little bit of time, I have heard the word thank you. When grateful we are with them, the players, who were from the beginning, which they were, the more they came new. And with the fans. Thanks to you more for having given us so much love, support, dedication, and affection.

Have been 365 days spent working very hard and well, without ever losing faith in achieving the goal: re-make America de Cali at the top of the colombian football. We leave with the satisfaction of duty fulfilled, and leaving the ‘guimareta’ for another upcoming celebration.”



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