Health problems for Béatrice Picard

It’s in an interview for the magazine 7 days that the great lady of TV and theater confided in her state of health.

«I do not think about it [à la retraite], I still slowed down a bit because of minor health concerns, but there was no question of stopping playing. I really like this job and I’m still able to do it. But lately I’ve had a little trouble during rehearsals for the play eight women and, for a question of insurance, I had to give up the role. I left the boat. It was the wisest decision, but it hurt me a lot. I had a real mourning to do. It’s the first time in my career that I have to give up a role, and it was terrible for me. Fortunately, I have two other beautiful projects in progress at the moment, including the show Béatrice and Marie-Josée in spoken words”, she reveals.

We hope everything goes back to normal Beatrice!

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