Hard crash of Charles Leclerc at new Jeddah circuit

Watched the crash footage a few more times and each time I hated tracks like this even more.

You can’t race normally and well here, can you?!
And this circuit could be a World Cup decider, outrageous!
Shame on you FIA and everyone who is just raking in money!

A circuit is only a circuit if it has run-off lanes, gravel banks, etc. and where you can overtake decently!

Now Leclerc also crashed on his own, what happens in a duel…? Here or elsewhere on this shit track?

Now Leclerc crashed heavily, tomorrow and/or Sunday it’s the next one’s turn.

The FIA ​​is not a fan of blood on the pole, but of blood on the crash barrier…

And not from “calm, calm Larry, this is also part of F1 …”
I am calm, but I also have a clear vision on this.
Let that be clear…


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