“Good morning, Sofia”, actress Silvia Dragieva shouts from the window every morning

Stars’ second wife from “Agate” caused a stir with her role in “Tatkovtsi”

1, 80 m tall, with bright red hair, thin and with the gait of a model, the actress Silvia Dragieva stands out from other passers-by on the street and can be easily noticed. It can also be heard on the streets of Sofia, because every morning, when he wakes up in a good mood, he opens the window and shouts with a full throat “Good morning, Sofia.” And if she walks with her husband, Sylvia cannot be confused with anyone else at all, because her husband is Zvezdomir Keremidchiev, or better known as Stars from the group “Agate”. The two met 10 years ago through a mutual circle of friends and according to Sylvia this is the right time for their meeting. During this period, she realized that she had reached the age when she was ready for a family, and Zvezdi also needed a close person with whom to share her days. They have a daughter who is now in third grade. The girl’s name is Malvina, and the name was chosen by Sylvia – she named her after the fairy-tale heroine with blue hair from “The Adventures of Pinocchio”.

“With the necessary respect and without interference,” music and acting are understood in their home, says Silvia Dragieva. Each of them has separate sectors for their own personal space. However, Zvezdi listens to music very loudly, so Sylvia is armed with earplugs to learn the lyrics in peace, and their daughter often shouts from the other room with

“Dad, reduce it”

At home, Sylvia and the Stars have some cooking disputes. This is because the actress likes to cook everything according to a recipe with a specific weight, and Stars – “by eye”. These improvisations drive Sylvia’s meticulous and strict character crazy, which is why she doesn’t like to eat from her husband’s dishes.

Their daughter certainly looks a bit like both parents. “I think she looks more like her father in terms of dynamics, she is very friendly, she likes to help, she is curious and she is always in a good mood. She is smiling, very resourceful. He looks more like his father, ”says Sylvia. But in love with animals he resembles his mother. As a child, the actress constantly rescued stray animals. “As a child, I really wanted to have my dog ​​taken away. I had a book, I Raise My Dog, and I read it every day. I knew everything by heart. There was an animal market in Stara Zagora every Saturday. A variety of puppies, kittens, ducks were sold. I put on my best clothes and went to the market. When I came back, I started begging them to buy me an animal, ”says Silvia Dragieva.

Three years ago, she and Malvina found themselves weak,

suffered a Siamese

cat on the street Of course, they take the animal home and face the Stars to show it, but he does not want to shelter it. “Not only is she sick, old, but she’s also pregnant,” the musician states emphatically. “We can’t leave her outside, Daddy, she doesn’t even have living parents,” cried little Malvina, convincing her father to keep the animal with them. The now formed female trio – the cat, Malvina and Sylvia, is inseparable. Together, the three separate after dinner to watch TV while the Stars watch action.

Silvia Dragieva is known to viewers as the authoritative director Dana from the TV series “Tatkovtsi”. In fact, the extravagant hairstyle of the actress was made especially for her role. “Greti Mancheva – our make-up artist and hairdresser in the series, is looking for a suitable vision for the image of Dana. In the beginning I tried different wigs. They cut my hair half an hour before we started filming the show, before my first scene. I like to transform in any way, I change uncompromisingly when I start a new project. We had 12 hours or less to make that change, ”says Sylvia. “I love to change, I believe in change, I am optimistic.

Life is full of unknown things, but

one should not be afraid of them,

he has to study them, ”she added.

For the series “Fathers”, the actress was chosen to go to the casting because of another of her roles. “From the series” Stolen Life “I was called for a very small episodic role, I was ready to refuse it because I do not accept episodic roles, but I still paid attention. The role was played by a woman who complained about everything, all the doctors examined her, and finally found a very rare incurable disease. I see that there are prejudices towards this role, but this is my chance, because by taking on a role that everyone else has reservations about, I can show myself as an actor. I love scandalous roles, ones that no one wants, or images with problems, ”says Sylvia. Once she agrees, she tries and prepares for the role for a long time. The whole team has fun with her during the filming because she jokes with everyone. The director Pavel G. Vesnakov then liked her work very much, so in his next project – the series “Tatkovtsi”, he invited her for casting. Sylvia says that she immediately “fit” with her screen partner Stoyan Doychev and the filming process of the casting turned out very well. The actress has similarities with the image in which she transforms. Kindergarten director Dana is divorced from the father of her two children (played by Stoyan Doychev) and looks after them herself. “It simply came to our notice then

too little we allow ourselves to

let’s be women, except in appearance

I am a military type of person, a hard worker, a drummer, I like to work a lot, I like risky situations, as well as to make quick decisions. Somehow the time for tenderness, for attention, for weakness is not enough for me and Dana “, says the actress.

In her free time, Silvia Dragieva likes to get up early and drink her coffee alone. However, it is much more pleasing for her to go to a restaurant alone after she has officially dressed. This is the time when she devotes herself to thoughts about man, about how the human sexes will develop, whether they will disappear or remain, what human relationships will be like, how the family will be formed, whether languages ​​will disappear, and in their place there will be universal signs. She is also interested in genetic engineering – whether people will design their babies according to their own wishes.


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