Business Gold prices continue to rise caliber of 21 score...

Gold prices continue to rise caliber of 21 score of 784 pounds per gram


The price of gold rose level Day Monday in Egypt, led by two pounds, as record gold caliber 21 and is best-selling in Egypt 784 pounds per gram, which is the highest price for gold in its history in Egypt, with the rise of the price of an ounce of gold globally, with a forecast rise of other prices locally during the next few hours, given the rising demand for gold globally, the rise of prices.

Gold price today after rising..

18k : 672 pounds per gram

Bullet 21 : 784 pounds

24 carat : 896 pounds

Fairy Gold : 6272 £

World price : 1752 USD

Gold prices rose and the global 0.50%, which exacerbated the increase in the number of cases of infection with MERS-CoV fears of outbreaks of seconds, which may force the government to impose procedures for the isolation of a new year, which pushed the precious metal as a safe haven to score one from 1744 to $ by another record price of gold.

Increased spot gold one 0.50% to 1750 dollars per ounce (an ounce), while increased U.S. futures of gold and one percent to 1757 dollars per ounce.

In related news, oil prices fell Monday as fears that the expected demand for fuel in the face of rising infections with MERS-CoV in the world than the tyranny of the reduced supply from major producers.

Disarmament crude measurement global Brent 11 cents or 0.3 % to 42.03 USD by 0505 GMT, while U.S. crude 39.69 per barrel to 14 cents or 0.4 percent.

Rose the contract to nine percent last week, in Canada and the United States, decreased the number of oil rigs and gas to record levels last week, even encouraged by high oil prices, some producers to resume drilling operations.

And decide group OPEC+ which includes the OPEC and its allies, including Russia, to extend the production cuts amounting to 9.7 million barrels per day for the fourth month in August.



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