Entertainment GNTM 2020 (ProSieben): Live ticker for episode 9 -...

GNTM 2020 (ProSieben): Live ticker for episode 9 – Desert shoot becomes colorful


The GNTM girls move into the model villa and compete at the group shoot. Here you can follow the 9th episode “Germany’s next top model” in the live ticker.

  • The new season started on January 30Germany’s next Top model by Heidi Klum” on ProSieben
  • Week 13 starts with 13 GNTM girls
  • In this episode there is not only one Group shoot, but also moving into the Model villa on

>> Update live ticker here <<

8:59 p.m .: We have such a theory – candidate Lijana practice for the jungle camp. After all, it is “full of energy”. We suspect a deep friendship with jungle candidate Bastian Yotta.

8:57 pm: Open your eyes or close your eyes, that’s the question. Fortunately, the colors are purely vegetable. Such a load of carrot powder has never hurt and probably belongs either way to a top model’s menu.

8:53 pm: Surprise! This shoot will be a real challenge. The girls not only have to endure jumping and a rain of color, they also have to get the perfect photo in five shots. Great conditions for the next goat war.

8:52 p.m .: White, white, white are all my colors – whether the festival look GNTM-Girls or the protective suits of the camera crew. It almost hurts your eyes.

8.50 p.m .: Larissa would like that Johanna take the shoot with them on their path of life? Aha – is sure to be a great hit with your next application.

GNTM 2020 (ProSieben): Colorful group shoot in the desert

8.48 p.m .: Bye, model villa. Hello, desert. For the 13th GNTM-Girls go to the group shoot Kristian student. It gets colorful, it gets hot and it gets bitchy.

8:41 pm: Sometimes the shoes are too tight, sometimes too high and sometimes just too hard. love Johanna, Heidi Klum it fits very well: “These are just excuses.”

8.30 p.m .: While everyone is sweating, plague Vivian nasty abdominal pain. Bite your teeth together and keep dancing – just like a real fighter.

8:27 pm: Take a deep breath, wipe away tears and swing your hips. Choreographer Micky is in the house. Because model mom Heidi Klum has chosen for the Decision walk devised something particularly nasty – the girls have to dance. Lijana is sure that she couldn’t have been better, after all she has been dancing since she was five. And also drama queen Tamara is fully in her element.

8:23 pm: The ninth GNTM– The episode is only a few minutes old and the first tears begin to flow Larissa. Anastasia just goes over corpses for bags … uh legs and knocks out her opponent. Man, such a graze is really dramatic.

GNTM 2020 (ProSieben): Heidi Klum’s “Meeeedchen” storm the model villa

8.20 p.m .: Attention, keep your ears shut! For the girls it is finally in the GNTMModel villa in the Hollywood Hills – including a mega pool. Geeeschenkeeee are not far either. It was about time that GNTM does some surreptitious advertising. But wait a minute Heidi Klum was responsible for the bed distribution. If that works out?

8:16 p.m .: Model mom Heidi Klum seriously thought that there was no intrigue and no drama in “Germany’s next top model”? Where does she live Behind the moon ?! The last seasons have clearly proven it: nowhere is it arguing better than at GNTM.

8.15 p.m .: 3 … 2 …. 1 … It’s so far! Heidi Klums “Meeeedchen” run, blasphemy and screech again. Even if girls’ evenings are taboo in times of the Corona crisis, we can still scan together with Facetime or WhatsApp.

7.15 p.m.: It finally starts in an hour – so chill drinks and slowly fill the bowls with chips and Haribo. Tonight is pure goat terror on the plan. Right at the front: Lijana. Completely convinced, she sounds into the camera: “Dancing is exactly what is in my blood.” Well, whether that’s the other GNTM-Girls like?

Update from March 26th at 4:04 pm: Gone are the days when Kristian Schuller pressed the shutter release of his camera 10,000 times and Modelmama Heidi Klum was spoiled for choice in the photos. Because today the supermodel has a surprise for her GNTM-Girls: You only have five attempts for the perfect photo, which in the end decides whether to continue or to leave. And it gets even better: there is only one photo per group !!

Update from March 26th at 8.02am: Especially for Candidate Maribel it could get tight this week after not showing her best side week after week. But that GNTM-Girl currently has completely different concerns – namely her 87-year-old grandma, with whom she grew up after her family’s accident. The candidate of Heidi Klum no longer visit her grandma – for fear of being infected with the Corona virus. Maribel is certain that her grandmother would not survive an infection because of her age and previous illness.

Who thinks the last GNTM-We were already full of dramas, tears and catastrophes for weeks, he experienced his blue miracle in the ninth week. Because in the new episode “Germany’s Next Topmodel”* not only the move into Model villa in the Hollywood Hills for screeching alarm, even when desertGroup shoot One or the other goat war is waiting for us.

GNTM 2020 (ProSieben): Heidi Klum’s “Meeedchen” storm the model villa

Dwelling week after week Heidi Klums “Meeeedchen” in a loft in LA, this episode is finally in the long-awaited Model villa in the Hollywood Hills. There is pure luxury, a huge pool and of course numerous gifts for the 13th GNTM-Girls like nordbuzz.de * reported. The screeching that follows is even a stress test for ours GNTM * tried ears. The candidates storm the mansion like a bunch of wild chickens. We are excited to see who will share a room with whom and when there will be the first night snoring concert.

GNTM 2020 (ProSieben): Festival group shooting and dance choreo – this week is going to be extreme

After the Levi’s casting had been under the festival motto last week, it will be extra colorful this week, including a battle of colors. In the wild GNTM-Group shoot in festival look drive the 13 girls * their claws out. This week, none other than photographer Kristian Schuller is behind the camera, so it’s going to be super challenging. May the better one win

For the Decision walk has model mom Heidi Klum* came up with something very special. As if it wasn’t hard enough to strut high heels over the catwalk, they have to GNTM-Girls now dance too. How lucky that choreographer Micky K. chose the girls in the Model villa visited and practiced with them. The man who danced with Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez must also be able to get some movement in Heidi’s girls.

The 15th season “Germany’s next top model” with Heidi Klum runs on ProSieben. In episode 9 the girls move into the model villa and compete at the group shoot.

© ProSieben / Richard Hübner / Montage

The model mom is at Decision walk take a particularly sharp look at their protégés: “It is important to me that the girls can exude self-confidence and also sex appeal. Those who do not manage to cover up their own insecurity have no chance in the model business”. Who keeps dancing a week and for whom it ends Top model-Travel? As always, the answer is given on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m. ProSieben. Meanwhile the corona virus now also hit the top model finale and a drastic decision had to be made.

Source: nordbuzz.de

* nordbuzz.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © ProSieben / Richard Hübner / Montage


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