Health Global Health: A Corona Infection afflicts 2 to 3...

Global Health: A Corona Infection afflicts 2 to 3 individuals. The vaccines against TB are not immune


Dr. Amjad Al-Khouly, a consultant to the epidemiology of the World Health Organization, said that increasing the number of infections with the Corona virus quickly threatens the global health systems, and some countries may have to extend the quarantine period for more than 14 days to face the disease.

He added during a phone call to the “Everyday” program presented by Khaled Abu Bakr, on the “ON“, That the normal rate of virus spread, indicates that every infected person will infect on average 2 or 3 other people if preventive measures are not taken in large measure, and the numbers in Egypt do not double greatly due to good government measures.

Regarding the return of life in the world to normal, he said: “This cloud will be revealed, but this determines the role of states and society and cooperation between them, and therefore the presence of a focus anywhere in the world that causes danger to the entire world … China has succeeded in limiting the spread of the disease but there are quarantine measures And the flights are stopping, and therefore it cannot be said that life has returned to China, and the solution is joining global efforts to get rid of this epidemic quickly. “

He explained that there are indications that the virus does not spread much in a High temperatures, but it is difficult to predict, adding: “Those who were vaccinated from tuberculosis are not immune to the Coronavirus … and there are countries where vaccination against tuberculosis is widespread and disease is common.”



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