Giroud: “Against Juventus I want to see Milan again. Ibra is the engine of the team”

There is great anticipation at the Rossoneri’s home for Sunday’s match against Juventus. Among the most anticipated protagonists there is also Olivier Giroud, who will play a starting shirt with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Interviewed by Corriere dello Sport, the French center forward spoke of the Swedish striker as follows: “Zlatan is the engine of the team. He is demanding especially with the young players, but also with the others. He always wants to do well because he is at the top physically and demands the same from the others. It is important both on the pitch and in the locker room. All together we aim to reach the top. ”

THE KO AGAINST SPICE – The Rossoneri are returning from the defeat against Spezia, but Giroud is not worried: “We must not lose confidence in ourselves or be assailed by fears and doubts because we lost a match we had to win at home. Against Juventus I want to see the usual again. Milan generous, determined and ready to redeem himself immediately. Okay, we fell badly, but we are ready to fight, as they say, with a knife between our teeth. ”

SERRA CASE – In recent days there has also been a lot of talk about the mistake of the referee Serra: “The referee immediately realized he was wrong: he apologized and you could read in his face that he was sorry – explains the French -. Unfortunately it was of a game situation that has happened and about which we cannot do anything. We had to win but instead we lost it. Put like this, it’s really very frustrating, but I think that we also have our responsibilities: we could have closed the confrontation by scoring 2 -0 and we did not succeed. Now it is necessary to use this frustration that has remained inside us to do well with Juventus. We no longer want to experience such a bad feeling and it is up to us not to make certain mistakes again. ”

TOWARDS JUVE – Regarding the match against Juventus, the Frenchman then declared: “After the defeat on Monday we started looking forward again. Of course we analyzed the mistakes made to improve even more, but in football after a negative result, you cannot fossilize on that. : it is necessary to turn the page and start again immediately. Now, therefore, maximum concentration on Juventus: it will be a great match and we need a better performance than the one against Spezia. We know that. We need an exceptional performance to beat them. ”

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