General decline in presidential approval in Latin America – 11/21/2021

The level of presidential approval it yielded in all Latin American countries that are going through electoral processes, according to the most recent Latinobarómetro poll.

This survey shows that, between September and October, the level of presidential support deteriorated in all the countries that had elections (or that are going to hold them soon): Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, and Honduras.

The head of state that registered the greatest drop in approval was Juan Orlando Hernández, leader of Honduras, who will hold general elections on November 28.

Although Hernández’s support index was 54% between last July and August, now the president only has the confidence of 32% of the population.

Immediately afterwards is the Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, who was reelected for the fourth consecutive term after the “arbitrary detention of his main political competitors.”

According to Latinobarómetro, Ortega had 39% support between the seventh and eighth months of the year, a percentage that dropped to 34% between September and October.

In third place, is the Argentine president, Alberto Fernandez, whose political formation, the ruling Frente de Todos, lost the legislative elections and became the second force in the country, on November 14.

Fernández’s approval levels fell 4%, from 38% between July and August to 34% between September and last October.

Finally, the Chilean president, Sebastian Piñera, lost even more support in the last two months: only 18% of Chileans have a positive view of Piñera, 3% less than in July and August. This has acted against his party in today’s general elections, Sunday 21. Piñera is not running in these general elections. (With information from EFE).


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