Geez! It turns out that this is the culprit of cooking oil Rp. 14,000/liter empty


The government fixes the price cooking oil IDR 14,000/liter valid from Wednesday (19/1/2022). The problem is, when the policy is in effect, cooking oil is bought up so it’s hard to find or empty at minimarkets.

As is known, cooking oil of Rp. 14,000/liter applies to both simple and premium packaging at minimarkets. So, why can cooking oil be empty after the price is set at Rp. 14,000/liter? What or who is the culprit?

Retailers revealed that there was a lot of empty cooking oil in minimarkets because people bought it in the family mode to join the queue to buy. Even though it is recommended that one person is enough 2 liters.

“Coincidentally, my neighbor ‘Alhamdulillah, I got 24 seeds of cooking oil,’ even though I usually buy 1 liter. This is 48 liters, buy 2 liters, get 24 bottles. Imagine if it was like that? The stock of a truck will also run out if that’s how people line up with their children. 5, assistants,” said Secretary General of the Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association (Aprindo) Solihin to detikcom Friday (21/1/2022).

detikcom visited one of the minimarkets in Kramat Pela, Kebayoran, South Jakarta. There is no special shelf for empty packaged cooking oil because it has been bought. There is only soybean oil, corn oil, and cooking oil from coconut.

“(Cooking oil Rp. 14,000/liter) is empty, all of them have been bought up that same day (Wednesday), and the women are spending it,” said a minimarket employee.

According to him, the minimarket limits the purchase of a maximum of 1 package per person. Unfortunately, there are ways that buyers do to get a lot of cooking oil of Rp. 14,000/liter.

“Limited to 1 person 1 (packaging). Yes, you know later the father will come, the mother will come,” said Indra.

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