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Full recovery to irrigate the Durham lowland of the koruna and the report of its programme


Usually the media ” Reham Al-Sahli” to provide its program of “confrontation“, which displays on the screen of “extra news”, after her recovery completely from the corona virus.

He described the media-induced “Reham Al-Sahli”to the last period of her illness was related to his hard, as it was keen on directing a few messages and after her recovery from the virus.

It was the first message from a media-induced ” Reham Al-Sahli ” to their audience, who expressed their lack of them.

Her letter to the Exeter news :

As the face of the message of gratitude and thanks to the channel “Xtra news”, and the backup provided by the channel during the period of her illness, explaining that the support and psychological support that he received from the college helped her in overcoming a crisis MERS-CoV, as they were able to bypass the stage hard strongly, thanks to her colleagues for their support.

Raise morale does not:

She noted that support staff in the channel, “Xtra news” in during the period of the injury. in Korea we helped in the lifting of the state of their morale and their emotional state that led to recovery strongly .

Finally, the media-induced Reham else”message to citizens when feeling any symptoms to be the committee to consult the doctor quick, and because the discovery of the corona at the time helps in the healing of them with ease.


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