From January 1, 10 new cities will appear on the map of Poland: what is known

Starting from the new year, the number of cities in Poland will grow to 964. Some of the new ones will regain their long-lost status, and some will receive it for the first time.

10 Polish villages, most of which are located in the Mazovian Voivodeship, will receive the status of cities in 2022, informs

The changes, which will affect almost 80 thousand people, will come into force on January 1. From that day on, the government decree “On establishing the boundaries of some municipalities and cities and granting the status of a city to some settlements” will begin to operate. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration made a recommendation to give the settlements the status of cities.

We are talking about such settlements:

  • Prussia;
  • Izbica;
  • Lutomersk;
  • Bolimuv;
  • Tseglov;
  • New Place;
  • Edlnya-Letnisko;
  • Ivaniska;
  • Olsztyn;
  • Kachory.

Thus, the number of Polish cities will be 964.

The only city with a population of one million in Poland today is Warsaw. Large cities include Kravow, Lodz, Poznan and Wroclaw, whose population exceeds 500 thousand.

How informs edition, on the map of Poland every year there are several new settlements with the status of a city. As a rule, the decision on granting this status is made by the authorities at the end of the year. If we talk about 2021, then 10 new cities have appeared, and in 2019 – four. At the same time, some of them regained their status, which had been lost many years ago.

In order for a village or small town to receive the status of a city, a whole list of conditions must be fulfilled. This concerns the organization of space and the city, the presence of historical and administrative buildings and their condition, the effectiveness of local authorities. In a settlement claiming the title of a city, a sewerage and heating network must work, and the number of residents employed not in agriculture should be two-thirds of the population.

As of 2020, the population of Poland was 37.95 million. As for the Ukrainians who are now working in the neighboring country, then their official number is about one and a half millionhowever, this figure could be much higher.

Meanwhile nThe population of Ukraine continues to decline massively… Domestic demographers predict that by 2050 there will be no more than 30 million Ukrainians, and our country has exhausted its potential for demographic growth. The decrease also occurs due to the fact that many Ukrainians with higher education, leaving to work in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries, over time they prefer to “catch” there and never return back. According to some observers, citizens leave their homeland in search of a better and more stable life, leaving for countries where laws work, and the state takes care of its population.


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