Frans Bauer: ‘Mariska is doing very well’ | Stars

entertainment">“It was a tough two weeks with a lot of tension and a lot of questions. Fortunately, Mariska is doing very well. We are grateful that the treatments are working well and that a lot of progress has already been made,” Frans writes on Instagram. He also places a photo of the sea of ​​flowers in his living room. “Thank you all for the flowers the cards the fruit baskets and all the sweet messages xxx.”

entertainment">Mariska was hospitalized in early January. Frans and the boys are terribly shocked. Just like her mother, sister and brother, of course,” a source said at the time Private. “They have a good friend who is a doctor and who keeps an eye on things. He often visits them, advises them and keeps the mood up. It all seems to have gone well and under control, but, as I say, the fear is on everyone’s mind.”

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