News FPÖ wants to deliver its own party leader Hofer...

FPÖ wants to deliver its own party leader Hofer – News


It was THE domestic news on Monday. The WKStA wants to investigate FPÖ leader Norbert Hofer. If it is up to his party, she will be allowed to do so.

The Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) wants to investigate Norbert Hofer, head of the FPÖ, Before that, however, the National Council must abolish its parliamentary immunity by majority vote. The FPÖ wants to vote for it, as it announced on Tuesday.

Party leader delivered

According to the FPÖ, this corresponds to decision-making practice because Hofer was a minister and not a member of parliament during the period in question – but it still gives a strange picture. The FPÖ wants to deliver its own party leader to the investigative authorities.

Hofer, who is also the third President of the National Council, is suspected of receiving gifts illegally. It concerns the case of an Asfinag order by Hofer, who was then Minister of Transport.

Hofer can only be investigated if parliamentary immunity is lifted by the National Council. It remains to be seen whether this will actually result in a majority. The other parties have not yet indicated how they will vote.

Donate, then post

What are the allegations? The real estate entrepreneur Siegfried Stieglitz donated 10,000 euros twice to the FPÖ-affiliated association “Austria in Motion” in 2017 and 2018. In March 2018, Stieglitz was then appointed to the Asfinag Supervisory Board by Hofer. The authorities suspect that this was no accident.

The association “Austria in Motion” became known in the course of the Ibiza investigation. In connection with an investigation against Strache, the WKStA believes that it was only set up to generate donations for the FPÖ,

Hofer rejects allegations

Norbert Hofer rejects the allegations: “I was not to blame for anything. When appointing supervisory boards, I always acted according to the suitability of the persons. In addition, at the time of the appointment, I did not know that Dr. Stieglitz made a donation to a club did, “he says.

The presumption of innocence applies to everyone involved.

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