Sport Formula 1: in 2005, the king class disgraced in...

Formula 1: in 2005, the king class disgraced in Indianapolis completely


Due to a defective Michelin tires can start at the GP of Indianapolis, only six cars. Image: EPA


Only 6 cars on the grid – the “formula Farce” disgraced in Indianapolis completely

19. June 2005: The Grand Prix of the United States ends up in Indianapolis in a Disaster. A tire can be the Sport to go to waste.

David Bernold / Keystone-sda

After the installation lap, the Farce reached at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway its peak. Only six riders, two each from Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi remain for the Grand Prix of the USA in the starting line-up. The Rest returns to the handling of the boxes. The drivers of Sauber, McLaren, Renault, BMW-Williams, BAR, Toyota and Red Bull are acting at the behest of tyre supplier Michelin. The French have made to their customers, in contrast to competitor Bridgestone, the Partner of Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi, rolls, neither of which would keep the loads over a race distance stand.

The curious Start to the Indianapolis GP 2005. Video: YouTube/MT89

A sextet shrunken field of competitors at the end of a weekend in which the Sport is always more to a thing becomes, the more debated and negotiated as a hazard, and the action off the track to center field. The trigger for the whimsical Scenery of the accidents of Ralf Schumacher and substitute Ricardo Zonta in the Toyota in free practice on Friday. The Germans and the Brazilians of the damaged left behind tyre’s downfall. Especially the mishap of Schumacher, who struck in the increased curve in front of the Start and finish with a Tempo of 300 in the wall that heated up the discussions on the topic of security.

The Crash of Ralf Schumacher … Video: streamable

… under driver of Zonta in the free Training. Video: streamable

Two Toyota drivers with accidents from the same reason – it can’t be a coincidence. The technicians of Michelin go to the root cause, and come to the conclusion that the are in the steep curve, the forces acting for the provided tyre is too high. Material controls for the other customer teams to confirm the assumption that the defects are not a Problem specific to Toyota.

The Veto by the FIA

Solutions to save the Grand Prix and the shame away. Suggestions to become the Evil Lord, are soon on the table, the implementation fails but, on the Veto of the leadership of the International automobile Federation FIA. The Top of the FIA cross-points, the demand for new tires with a modified configuration from the factory in Clermont-Ferrand, fly. In your explanation you refer to the regulations, which does not allow the change of tyres between Qualifying and the race. Is discarded the idea, before the steep curve to incorporate for the purpose of speed reduction in a Chicane.

Bernie Ecclestone and McLaren Boss Ron Dennis in the pits. Image: EPA

It’s the race, and with him the day of the formula 1 to the bone, embarrassed comes. Of the day the most important racing series confirmed Once again its reputation to be a hotbed of power-mad parties, where it is more important to affirm your Position to jump to as in the sense of the sport over the own shadow. Your stubbornness is not a compromise solution. Surely the tyre manufacturer Michelin bears the main blame for the Disaster and action the FIA Top with the Adherence to the regulatory requirements in good Faith. With a bit of tact, with the particular circumstances of the owed adjustment to a mutually acceptable solution would have been possible.

“Goodbye, Formula 1”

But the scandal is to be avoided. Ironically, in the United States, in the country in which it has fought for decades in vain for recognition, the formula 1 in the highest degree just. The media Echo is accordingly. The “formula Zero” is read, of the “formula Chaos”, or of the formula 1, which has lost its credibility. Other papers go further and see the final end of the formula 1 in the United States come. “Goodbye, Formula 1! To Take Bernie Ecclestone Goodbye! Au revoir, Michelin!”

The Fans respond with a “thumbs down” and a large chorus of whistles. Image: EPA

The forecast in Indianapolis actually comes, but only after a further two Grands Prix. After that, radio silence for five years to return. In Austin, Texas, the formula seems to have 1, finally, something of home to be found.

The Flop of Indianapolis but not only scathing comments, but one of the FIA-tip staged judicial repercussions with himself. At the pillory of its partner teams in addition to the Michelin group. “It can’t be negotiated, if a participant has the wrong equipment.” And: “by refusing to race not to compete, have been harmed by the Teams themselves and the Sport”, is transmitted from the Central office of the world Association in Paris.

The world Council of the FIA, representatives of the seven teams on offers a week after the controversial race to a hearing. In the space of an action for injunctive relief then, among other things. The Teams are found guilty, “to have unlawful the Start of the race rejected”. Another three weeks later, a possible punishment from the table but is. The highest authority of the Association of a guilty verdict.

Barrichello and Schumacher offers not really about the Ferrari one-two victory. Image: EPA

Without the sanction of the weekend back in Indianapolis just a loser. Even Michael Schumacher does not feel as a winner. The record world champion had won the Grand Prix. A race that actually wasn’t.


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So McLaren ahead of the formula 1 in the year 2050

“Do not buy plastic” – formula 1 Star clean Bay on Mykonos

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