Sport Football PSG - PSG : Neymar is stronger than...

Football PSG – PSG : Neymar is stronger than ever, it makes you salivate


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The time of recovery has come for the players of the PSG, who find the path to the Camp des Loges on Monday after three months of judgment.

A recovery that will be without Thomas Miller, Edinson Cavani and Tanguy Kouassi, who took the decision to leave Paris Saint-Germain at the end of their contract on June 30 and who, therefore, have not been invited by the parisian club to return to training. On the other hand, Neymar will indeed be there. And more accurate than ever, according to Isabela Pagliari. On the waves of Europe 1, journalist brazilian has stated that the former FC Barcelona star was motivated as a rarely to the idea of shine in the Champions League with PSG.

No excess during the containment

To achieve its goals, Neymar has given them the means to be at his best physical level by not committing any excesses during the containment according to the journalist is always well informed on the Brazilians of Paris SG. “Neymar is really committed, and involved in the history of PSG in that period. It feels very close-knit with the group, he feels very well at PSG at the moment. It is expressed via its website. We really look forward to the review play. He spent three days at Saint-Tropez but it is already back in Paris. He spent a few good moments, but with wisdom. He knows that this is the time of the return “ says the journalist, for which Thomas Tuchel has no concern for the physical condition of Neymar. In this regard, it had been revealed a few days ago that it was with 3 kilos less than in the n°10 Paris SG was back in Brazil. The evidence that he had worked hard in his luxurious villa in Rio de Janeiro…


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