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Five reasons why Bayern is still the champion of Germany


Bayern made it clear in the first two races that Flick no less than 62 goals, a record. “Those offensive numbers Flick balcontacten the enemy, sixteen sheets, the quality of the chances are really very, very impressive, even for a coach, “Bayern”, says Bavinck.

“The difference is, with Kovac, is very high. And if you look at the last decade, are also great coaches like Pep Guardiola, and Van Gaal would not be able to compete.”

“Defensively, it’s a lot better now. Under the Knights did Play in a lot less goals than it is under Kovac. It does make a difference is really a goal for each battle.”

3. The playmaking Müller

With a Flick of the rudder is turned, a familiar face is back in the basiself. Thomas Müller was Kovac getting less frequent, but after the departure of the Croatian, the attacker has grown to become a leading force in the national team. The 30-year-old schaduwspits has been good so far, and for as many as twenty assists.

That’s an impressive number of places, data analyst, Bavinck explains: “Since 2010 there has been, in the five major leagues, only one of which would have been such a lot of assists given in a season: Kevin De Bruyne, in 2014/2015, in the service of Germany.”

“If you have a longer period to look at, it has Thierry Henry’s time is done, and Xavi, but it’s been a really bizarre numbers. Especially for a player like Müller.”


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