Ferrari is celebrating 75 years. As part of the celebrations, they will unveil their first SUV

Maranell carmaker commemorates 75 years of its existence with a special logo and sculpture made by the company’s own staff.

Ferrari is celebrating its historic anniversary this year. It will be 75 years since the founding of the Maranello carmaker, which has historically specialized in sports and super sports cars. At the same time, Ferrari is facing a historic event this year when it offers its first SUV.

Although the history of Ferrari dates back to 1947, when the Ferrari 125 S race car, the first car to bear the name, was created in the spring of that year, in reality the history of Enzo Ferrari is much older.

It dates back to 1929, when (then still in Modena) the Scuderia Ferrari was established, Enzo Ferrari’s racing team specializing in modifying Alfa Romeo cars for racing purposes. However, when Alfa Romeo decided to build its own factory team, Enzo Ferrari was forced to start a new company and, under the agreement, was not allowed to participate in the races in the following years.

Nevertheless, in 1940 Ferrari built the Tipo 815, a race car with Fiat technology. However, due to the ongoing war, it could not achieve a greater reputation.

This did not succeed until after the war, with the Ferrari 125 S. The first race on May 11, 1947, was not completed by a special twelve-cylinder special from Gioacchino Colombo’s workshop, but in the following months he won six of the thirteen races he had participated in. And so began the famous era of Ferrari, which continues to this day.

Since 1969, the company has been associated with Fiat, which then bought a half stake in it, at a time when it was a question of the possibility of a takeover of Ferrari by the American Ford. The era under the Fiat banner did not end until 2014, when Ferrari became a separate entity, with publicly traded shares.

To this day, Ferrari focuses on sports and super sports cars, in which it uses knowledge from the racing environment, whether circuit racing or Formula 1. Ferrari thus, unlike many competitors in the summer, avoided SUVs, but the commercially interesting trend could no longer be overlooked. In 2022, a model nicknamed Purosangue (Pure Blood) will arrive, about which, despite the upcoming premiere, we still don’t know much about it.

He’ll go anyway for indirect compensation for GTC4Lussowhich ended before his arrival. The basis then will be a newly developed platform for cars with a front engine, however, it is still uncertain which Purosangue engine it will use. The use of V12 is still offered. In any case, all-wheel drive will also be available.

But he won’t stay with Purosangue. They will go to customers Daytona SP3, another work in the Icona series that brings to life the ideas of Maranello cars history. In addition, there is a reminder of 20 years since Enza’s debut or 30 years since the performance of the beautiful 456.


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