Technology Features of the new update iOS 14 for Apple

Features of the new update iOS 14 for Apple


Apple announced the Apple launched the operating system جديدiOS 14 and it was through its annual conference, held yesterday Monday 22 June 2020 explained some of the special features of that system.

Apple describes the features of the new update iOS 14:

Be iOS 14 the biggest change on home screen since the years also allowed the police through the system to add tools to the main screen even be along with the user applications can also be adding tools and will be customized with ease.

Among the possible tool Smart Stack new which is displayed automatically and also view the library of new applications which are regulated automatically in groups and new listings.

User can hide applications on the Home screen as it comes equipped with features Trade Smart and be examples to pull all the games Apple Arcade automate batch one with the presence of another feature of a feature picture in picture at the system level to the videos.

Include the nurses that are passing video over the applications also can be adjusted the size of her and pull her to the side of the screen in order to not continue playing in the background with the launch of the app Apple Messages the number of nurses and with support of the responses included options for notification the best.

And install the most important talks with the new service on behalf of the Memoji and App Library on a compilation of apps in a folder private can also delete the Pages app and thus convert many new apps in folders in one page for more in the form of a home screen.

Also place shortcuts to applications and to the left of the screen with the possibility to change where it put it between applications with a service App Clips to help users to download the app fully on their devices.


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