“Fascist funerals, how I want to be buried” – Libero Quotidiano

Carlo Vichi, founder of the Mivar, historical brand of televisions, And died at 98 in his Abbiategrasso, in the province of Milan. “For my funeral I want a poor wooden coffin in the middle of the new factory. I will wear only shirt and shorts. The last sentence will be: To us !, then the music of Black veneer. Only then will the party begin. All citizens of Abbiategrasso are invited. With the exception of authorities and politicians. “These were his wishes, as he told a The newspaper in his last interview, four years ago.

“In the golden decades (60s-70s-80s), when they left the Abbiategrasso plant 5 thousand televisions a day, had lunch and dinner up to a thousand workers. Vichi knew them one by one and considered them family members. Sentiment reciprocated “, writes Nino Materi in the Giornale.” A symbiosis – that between the top management (ie «Il Vichi», and that’s it) and the workers – capable of disrupting any codified theory on industrial relations. The Dux Carlo school of economic thought was quite basic: I’m in charge here, but I do it for the common good. All the billions (of lire) earned in half a century of activity have in fact always been reinvested to improve, through the quality of the product, the quality of life of employees. Indeed, of entire generations of employees “.

“Dux Carlo”, nostalgic for Mussolini, he was a true “dictator” who “identified himself in the work of the” subjects “and the” subjects “in that of the” dictator. “A class miracle made possible by the fact that the” dictator “behaved, 24 out of 24 , just like his “subjects.” Working with them, side by side, and wearing the same blue jumpsuit. Vichi could have afforded a super rich existence, yet he imposed (on him and his loved ones) a Franciscan life. The only “luxury”: work. For 70 years in a row. Even when, since 2013, Mivar closed under the weight of competition from the giants of the “Asian pixels” “.


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