Technology Facebook stop with the Oculus, the Go-to headset, and...

Facebook stop with the Oculus, the Go-to headset, and turn in the Quest and the Rift NOW


Facebook company Oculus, which is betting on the technology surrounding virtual reality (VR) system, to stop the development of the Oculus-Go, the company on Tuesday announced his the website. Instead, put Oculus on the other VR headsets: the Quest for the Rift.

Oculus has brought in the Go and in 2018 in the Netherlands. The virtualrealitybril apart by allowing it, without the attached pc or smartphone. The Oculus of Go promised as a self-operating device for a full VR experience without having to depend on any other devices, with a corresponding price tag.

It is, however, not have the same freedom of movement as the Oculus Quest, and the Oculus Rift. The Go is limited to 3 degrees of freedom (3DoF). This means that the headset will only be able to make head movements to follow. The so-called 6DoF makes it possible to make other moves to register with us. The Quest and Rift to make use of it.

“You have made us to be loud and clear to let you know that the 6DoF feels very much like the future of VR,” said Oculus. “That’s why we’re up there with the bet, and we no longer have a VR-products of 3DoF going to ship it. We will stop at the end of this year, sales of the Oculus, the Go-to headset, and double down on our commitment to the Quest, and Rift systems.

In december it will stop Oculus the acceptance of new VR-apps or update existing apps for the Oculus Support. The company, which is the software for the VR headset that is up to 2022, it will support it with security updates and fixes to improve performance.



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