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Dominika Gottová (48), the eldest daughter of the singer Karel Gott († 80), returned to Finland, where she lives with her husband Tim Tolkki (56), but allegedly visited her native country for a very special purpose at the end of April. According to information from the expres.cz server, she was supposed to meet a lawyer so that she could challenge the inheritance contract from her famous father. Dominika gave eXtra.cz an exclusive statement in which she put all the speculations to the right measure.

Does he want to challenge the inheritance?

At the turn of April and May Dominika Gottová returned to Prague. She did not want to reveal why she came to the Czech Republic for such a short time. “The last time I was here was in January, and I’m partly behind some responsibilities that will remain secret for the time being,” Dominika said for the show Showtime CNN Prima NewsDuring her visit to Prague, Gottová sat on the jury of the ceremonial announcement of the Man of the Year.

The server informed about the real reason for Dominika’s arrival, which she had so anxiously hidden from the media expres.czwho came up with an expression from a trusted source in her immediate area. Gott’s daughter, famous for her alcohol excesses and eternal marriage escapades, reportedly decided to challenge the contract in which she signed up to relinquish all her father’s inheritance.

“She met a lawyer and signed a power of attorney for her. She is now starting to solve the whole situation for her. She will try to get Dominica into the inheritance,“The express betrayed a secret source.

Dominica refutes the claim

Although Dominika’s signature waived her right to a fairytale inheritance, she certainly did not leave empty-handed. Like her half-sister Lucie – Karel paid both of them six million crowns a few years before his death.

In order to verify where the truth is and whether Dominika Gottová really plans to attack the inheritance, the eXtra.cz editorial office decided to contact her. She answered our question immediately. “That’s nonsense,” she wrote off briefly.

It is unlikely that she would change her mind in a few days. Until recently, she told Show Time that the contract was completely bulletproof and that there was virtually no possibility that it could be added to the heirs. The relationship between her and her certainly doesn’t help widow of Karel Gott Ivana (46). Dominika can’t come up with a name with her stepmother, who is several years younger, and they have a pretty clear opinion of each other.

Dominica plans to return from Finland at the end of May. While he has not been short of job vacancies here lately, he is still unemployed in Helsinki and on social security. Due to her new job, she didn’t even hesitate to contact our current ambassador to Finland via SMS Adam Vojtech. But he didn’t answer her, so Dominika is still waiting for her dream job.

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