World EU-China summit: Europe puts pressure on Beijing, but as...

EU-China summit: Europe puts pressure on Beijing, but as a Trump


Dhe summit is born out of necessity. Actually, the heads of state and heads of government of China and all 27 EU States will meet in September in Leipzig. For months, the Meeting was planned – and then the Corona-pandemic came from. Now the illustrious meeting is adjourned to a yet unknown date, and the leaders from China and the EU share the fate of many office workers these days: they are talking in a video conference.

The talks between the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the Council, Charles Michel, the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Chinese President Xi Jinping held in a delicate Situation, because the relationship between China and the EU is so complicated, as rarely before.

Responsible for the false information and Fake News campaigns run around the Corona Virus are mainly. The European Union makes for these campaigns also partly China – which Beijing decided to reject. In addition, the Situation charged in Hong Kong the ratio.

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The new national security law threatens to end the previous System of “One country, two systems”, and thus a Situation in which the inhabitants of Hong Kong far-reaching individual freedoms in the Western sense enjoyed have.

The pressure on EU leaders to respond to this development, is great. “At the EU-China summit, President of the Commission of the Leyen and President Michel need to talk with their Chinese counterparts in the clear”, said Katrin Göring-Eckardt, the Co-Chairman of the Greens group in the Bundestag, to the WORLD. “With well presented details of the surveillance law for Hong Kong, Beijing, manifested his flagrant breach of international Law.”

For the summit participants, that expectations make a meet the Video, in the it especially to economic questions should go, not easier. In fact, EU officials fear that the delicate political situation could complicate the economic discussions.

Warning signal for the Chinese leadership

“The political Situation has the potential of trust to undermine it,” says a senior EU official. “Trust is Central for investment and trade. The disinformation campaign can undermine the relationship over the long term.“ In fact, the trade relations in the Corona-crisis, have become politically sensitive.

The knowledge that Europe depends on medicines and medical equipment from Chinese and Indian producers, makes many citizens and politicians alike fear. Similar demands from Brussels and the main cities to get the production back to Europe, is likely to be only implemented to a limited extent, in fact, the mood between the trading partners influence all the same.

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For the Chinese leadership, the debate in Europe is likely to be a warning sign, especially as the EU has taken in the past weeks of trade, politically is a harder line against China. This new Europe, for example, to control wide rules for public procurement or new powers for the member States, foreign Acquisitions and investment in critical industries and fend off.

These regulations are directed mainly against Chinese collector; wherein, the legislator’s interpretation of the concept of system-relevant sectors is very wide. Last week, the first Commissioner of industry, Thierry Breton, and Margrethe Vestager, the Vice-President of the EU Commission, which is also responsible for competition matters have presented their proposals for new rules that allow you to with unfair competitive advantages of state-sponsored Overseas companies want to clean up, for example, in the case of public contracts, or Acquisitions.

“We expect to see systemic reform of our systemic competitors in China,” says one senior EU officials to these European initiatives. The gait, however, is far less aggressive than the US government. “The United States is on its way, and we do it on our own.”

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The law against self-censorship

In the long term, Europe could be successful, said in Brussels. Don’t want to give in to you there, however. In the past week, the EU has-taught-Commission of China for even a second political defeat.

The powerful EU authority has imposed for the first Time punitive tariffs against companies from the point of view of the Commission’s state aid from China, but not even in China sit. In the specific case of Egyptian manufacturers of glass fiber fabric, an industrial precursor.

Summit born out of necessity

Such an approach is without precedent. So far, the EU has imposed such penalties against companies that sit in the country, which is awarded by the state support. It is a warning shot from the European side. And he could make a difference in China, is also a rethinking of the ambitious project of a new silk road. The two Egyptian companies are sitting in an Egyptian-Chinese economic zone, referred to Beijing as part of the new silk road.

The Chinese leadership responded because also annoyed at the punitive duties from Brussels. You violated rules of the world trade organization (WTO), warned the Ambassador of China to the EU. From the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing said that China’s call on the EU to “correct its discriminatory treatment against Chinese companies”.

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Xi Jinping (R), here in a public appearance on may 10. February, does not want to end up like some of the rulers before him

You will take the necessary measures in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies. The sound was so sharp, because this decision could have further consequences: The EU Commission is already investigating two similar cases, in which a glass fiber producer in Egypt and a producer of stainless steel in Indonesia.

The Commission and the EU would regulate such issues, actually, with a for years, negotiated an investment protection agreement with China. It is believed persons with the talks is not the talks currently, but practical.

One of the reasons might be that the Chinese side is driven with the Status quo so far, good. If now the pressure from Europe is on the rise, could leave Beijing, however, rethink. “It is clear that we will bring at the summit on Monday no agreement,” says the high EU officials.

“But this is not to say that we could not make it before the end of the year. It is possible, but the negotiator from the highest political level, need to get the marching signal.“ The summit may be born out of necessity. He could, however, provide yet historical results, if it provides the foundations for such an agreement.

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Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacts prepares to paint the eyes on Chinese Lions, as he hosts a Chinese New Year reception at 10 Downing Street in central London on January 24, 2020. (Photo by Ben STANSALL / AFP) (Photo by BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images) Getty image Getty Images

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