Estoril goes to the game on Saturday, FC Porto refused to postpone

Estoril will play FC Porto next Saturday for the 17th round of the League, despite the many casualties in the squad. The information was provided by morefootball and meanwhile confirmed by the canaries.

The club later explained, in a statement, that, despite having enough players to go to the game, it kept the postponement request, due to the weak form of a good part of the squad that did not train during the week, but FC Porto , also says Estoril, refused to postpone the game due to “calendar constraints”.

After all, Estoril explains that it had 18 infected players – out of the 36 that are registered in the League, including elements of the under-23 team, thus leaving 18 -, when the minimum number to go to the game is 13, including a guard. networks.

However, as the Liga club states in a statement, the Directorate-General for Health updated the norm on isolation, “reducing the period of isolation from 10 to 7 days for infected people who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms”.

In other words, Estoril will still be able to count on some of the elements that were currently in isolation on Saturday.

The full statement:

Following the news made public in recent days, Estoril Praia SAD understands that it is necessary to provide information regarding the Covid19 outbreak that occurred among its professionals:

1. Given the decision made today by the DGS that updates the standard on isolation, reducing the isolation period from 10 to 7 days for infected people who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, Estoril Praia SAD, in compliance with the Competition Regulations of the League, will necessarily be present in the 17th round of the Bwin League in the game that opposes it to FC Porto SAD.

2. Even so, in the defense of the athletes’ interests and their physical condition and with the objective of safeguarding the sporting truth (among players (18) and staff members (9) there were 27 professionals in isolation who did not carry out any joint preparation , with many of them unable to train), Estoril Praia SAD maintained its request to postpone the game, a request that was refused by FC Porto SAD due to calendar constraints.

3. This decision, although legitimate, makes it impossible for the Estoril Praia SAD team to be present in the best possible conditions for the game on January 8th.

4. Estoril Praia SAD will evaluate with the utmost prudence the physical situation of all players in order to present their best eleven and be able to overcome this difficult moment, giving an answer worthy of the history of our club.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the numerous expressions of concern over the last few days.


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