Sport El Gouna announces a positive case in Corona and...

El Gouna announces a positive case in Corona and a third team smear


The players of the first football team of the El Gouna Club, as well as the technical and administrative staff and employees of the football system, underwent two test scans in preparation for the resumption of the Premier League competition for the 2019/2020 season and the return of group training, and El Gouna Club preferred to wait for the results of the second survey despite the negative results of all the first survey to start the group training and after the appearance of The results of the second survey, today, Friday, confirm that there is one positive situation in the club.

The El-Gouna Club notified the Football Association of the situation and took all necessary measures in accordance with the medical protocol sent by the Football Association and the Ministry of Health and decided to postpone the start of the training until a third smear to ensure the safety of all and the resumption of training next Monday in the event of confirming the negative result for all after the third smear.

The Five-pointed Committee presented to Ashraf Sobhi the procedures and requirements set by the Medical Association of the Football Association to resume collective exercises, on top of which: Analyzing the detection of the Corona virus for all players before the return of training, dividing the training of each team in 4 batches in the gym, and group exercises for players are held in two batches, spacing Distances between players in group exercises, reducing the number of technical and administrative devices in training, sterilizing and disinfecting sports equipment and balls before and after each exercise, sterilizing dressing rooms and training ground daily., Players wearing gags before and after training, wearing technical, administrative, and medical gags during exercises, Sterilization and disinfection of the balls before and after each exercise, preventing the exchange of water bottles and juices between the players in the exercises. And prevent shaking hands and hugs during exercises.



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