Dusno between Krmenčík and Plzeňáky? The lubricators would compare them in the national team

An interesting circumstance. The football national team met a week after the intense league duel between Slavia and Pilsen, in which the convict Michael Krmenčík incomprehensibly defended himself against his parent club. Slavista has returned to the national team, so the question is how he gets along with the Pilsen team. “There is peace, a relaxed atmosphere as always,” assures experienced defender Filip Novak.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Krmenčík versus his former Plzeň. The heated dispute is still alive thanks to various reactions and comments.

Michael Krmenčík soon met with the Victorians in one team. The quartet Jindřich Staněk, Milan Havel, Jan Kopic and Jan Sýkora represent Pilsen at the meeting before the matches with Kuwait and Estonia.

Manager Libor Sionko on the illness of coach Jaroslav Šilhavý


Lecko, of course, wonders whether the tension between the Victorians and the Slavists, especially Krmenčík, did not spread to the national team.

ExKremenčík! The Pilsen boiler sent a harsh message to a former favorite

“We have teasing between us, but it’s more fun. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The boys who come together from all the clubs should throw the potential rivalry behind. We all work together here, the atmosphere is great. When we return to the clubs, it’s up to them … “says experienced representative Filip Novák.

The defender of Istanbul’s Fenerbahce is already one of the smugglers who would guard the relaxed atmosphere if necessary.

Patrik Schick is missing in the nomination of the national football team. Krmenčík may be additionally called up

Sport.cz, FAČR

“We are all experienced enough and we do not want to make a stuffy atmosphere. If it does happen, there are experienced people who have to look after it. And calmly, we are people. But after two days of the meeting, I can confirm that everything is fine, “says Novák.


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