News Dreams developers talk about the future of PS5 gaming

Dreams developers talk about the future of PS5 gaming


Announced in the early years of this generation of console to finally come out when the curtain fell, the project Dreams of Media Molecule will have aroused many desires and dreams among PlayStation players.

This game creation tool – and everything else, unofficial heir to the franchise Little big planet from the same studio came out of his very long period ofearly access love day on PlayStation 4 and the development studio answered a few questions for the site Eurogamer – subjects addressing this long gestation, this first appearance to the public and especially the question of the next generation of Sony consoles.

The intro of Metal Gear Solid recreate in Dreams.

Studio technical director and co-founder Alex Evans begins by addressing the first presentation of the game during the 2015 PlayStation Experience, which also gave rise to a paper on Eurogamer; according to the developer, the game of the time was far from meeting its expectations although many thought its imminent release:

It was one of those funny things that we did something that made it possible to do beautiful things, but it was very laborious and not really end in use and we could bear the effort that it took use it every day, but it was not what we wanted. And, you know, Sony has allowed us to start again. Basically, I’m kidding that it’s actually Dreams 2.

The PlayStation 5 in the viewfinder

As the next generation tips its nose, expectations are obviously turned to the future and the studio’s projects on these new platforms – a port of Dreams? A new game? – are necessarily addressed:

I obviously cannot say that the PlayStation 5 is brilliant! Nevertheless it was indeed announced so I can still say it. I mean, obviously, we will address the issue, we are a PlayStation studio. Dreams already running on PlayStation 5 – hold on, that’s your scoop. But it’s just the action of developers exploring.

It is not without philosophy that Evans takes care not to make more comments on the subject in order to avoid a similar situation to which the studio was subject after the announcement of the development of Deams: ” I would be lying to you if I told you we weren’t going to explore, but there are literally no plans at the moment. I think I understood my lesson – we met in 2015 and I said that Dreams was almost done! And here we are again, four or five years on earth, and it’s * finally * over.



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