Download more gems for free, Epic is giving away sci-fi Prey and Viking Jotun


After two weaker weeks, the digital store Epic Store makes itself known again, as it distributes two successful games to its customers. The most attractive of these is the successful space action Prey from the authors of the series Dishonored. Prey has a lot to do with it, especially the excellent level design and the freedom to approach the prepared obstacles.

The story is set in an alternative future that occurred when John F. Kennedy survived the assassination. It takes place on the Talos-I space station, infested after unsuccessful scientific experiments with a murderous alien race called Typhon. You are Morgan Yu (you can choose gender in the beginning, but it doesn’t matter much), one of the leaders of a scientific team suffering from a partial loss of memories. Your task is to find out what actually happened at the station and how to put a stop to it. Your only ally will be the voice of the mysterious Mr. January, who assigns you tasks over the radio.

Just beware, the higher the difficulty, the game is really tough at the end, even because of the enemies that rebuild indefinitely (for more see our reviews).

The second free game is the Viking event Jotun, which was established in 2015 thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign and, despite its age, still looks great. It has a decent rating of 79% on Metacritic, people describe it as a combination of Banner Saga and Dark Souls. One finish will take about 10 hours, making it an ideal fast-paced weekend. However, if you add Epic games regularly, you probably already have it in your library.

You can add both games to your Epic Store libraries (link), then they will stay with you forever. Just be careful, you only have time until May 19, after which the offer will be exchanged for other games again.


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