“Don’t get vaccinated, God will protect you”: the message of an influential pastor in the London neighborhood with the most covid

  • Brixton, a neighborhood in South London, has the highest covid rate in the UK

  • One in 20 residents is infected right now

  • This neighborhood also has the record for the least vaccinated population

In Brixton, a suburb in south London, the Walk-in vaccination center does not have cabbagea, something that is surprising when compared with the centers spread throughout the rest of the British capital. This London neighborhood has the lowest vaccination rate in the country, 32.4% of its inhabitants do not have any dose, and the highest rate of covid infection in the UK, six times the average. The country lived this Wednesday the day with the most registered infections: 106,000 cases, the record since the start of the pandemic.

One in 20 Brixton residents is infected right now. Its streets They are full of anti-vaccine graffiti and deniers. Neither does the messages of the Pastor of Acre Lane Church. In an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, the 80-year-old priest explains that he has not been vaccinated. Your reasons? Trust God to keep you safe because “He has the power to protect us.”

“I don’t need to get the vaccine. People get the virus after the vaccine; they have also died. I live my life by the word of God. So far it has protected me from the virus“This Protestant pastor points out. Believing that prayer and faith can clearly keep you safe from the virus not a great stimulus to get vaccinated. Most of their faithful are of African descent or the Antilles.

What has increased are the queues to get tested for the virus. “I’ve never seen so many people get tested. More than 500 of our 8,500 patients they had a PCR test last week, “said Dr. Mowle, a Brixton family doctor.” There are many elderly patients who fear the vaccine. “So he encourages them to speak to the experts about their questions. on whether to get vaccinated or not.


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