Di Maria tilt the fans

It caused fibrillation in many fans of the Juventus his like for the new game jersey for the home matches of the 2022-23 season. Among the many champions who expressed their appreciation for the new uniforms containing a reference toAllianz Stadiumall mostly linked in the present or in the past to the Bianconeri colors, the snack of Angel Di Maria. It is no mystery, in fact, that theVideo is followed with great interest by the Juventus leaders. An interest clearly reciprocated.

Di Maria puts a “like” on the Juve shirt, but then deletes everything

In fact, the “like” on has not escaped Instagram to the new versions of the game jersey for the next championship. A jersey that Of Maria, evidently, he could wear it personally, if it is true that the Paris Saint Germain will not exercise the renewal option by 30 June. Small yellow, however: after a few minutes, Of Maria has deleted the approval tick. Council of agents not to “favor” too much Juve in the negotiation? Personal choice? Gaffe? Repentance? Questions that have been running around since yesterday among the supporters of the Old lady.

Di Maria-Juve, ongoing dialogues: the plan for the World Cup

The reality is that between the Argentine’s entourage and the leadership Juve contacts are in progress. A few days ago the sameVideo he had outlined his plans for the future on an Argentine radio, stating he wanted to stay in Europa another year even if in case of non-renewal with Psg. The main goal, before returning home, is to get to the World in good condition, tournament scheduled between November and December. Likely that discussions with the Juve relate precisely to the duration of the agreement. Of Maria he is 34 years old, but the Juventus club would like to block him for at least two seasons. The Argentine asks for seven million net per year.

Di Maria, the mystery of the like: Juventus fans displaced

Among the Juventus supporters there is great excitement around the name of Of Maria. “It would be the substitute for Bernardeschi… .So better Of Maria at 78 years old that Bernardeschi a 28…”, scrive KingEric su Twitter. J Analist already makes medium-term forecasts: “Of Maria for one year and Zaniolo on a free transfer next year is a huge yes “. Giuseppe, on the other hand, is skeptical: “S.ono two days that the Juventus they only talk about Of Maria, when all the rest of the squad should be retouched “. While Max does not believe that the market is made with likes: “Also Dybala he liked the new jersey, he who certainly won’t wear it “.


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