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On Sunday, the popular CNN Prima News presenter Eva Perkausová (27) shared a joyful news with her fans on her social networks. During her stay in exotic Mauritius, she married her twelve-year-old friend Ivan Heck (39). Until the last moment, however, they managed to keep the wedding secret, both from the fans and many colleagues. In an exclusive interview for, Eva revealed how the whole thing went together and what the newlyweds have plans for the future.

Big surprise

On Sunday, beautiful Eva she gasped as she declassified wives with partner Ivan Heck. I am very glad that our newlywed secrets were kept under wraps until the very final. I was already looking forward to Sunday night, it was really quite a relief for me. Only our loved ones and our family knew about our plans, and just before the declassification, of course, I had to tell CNN Prima News so that we could prepare a surprise. “ revealed a popular presenter who proudly bears the name Eva Hecko Perkausová today.

Secret, but such a big thing, especially if you’re a public figure, but it’s definitely not easy. Of course, it was challenging, because when you look forward to something, you want to share it with others. But Ivan and I agreed that the wedding day should only be our moment, which we want to absolutely enjoy, to have peace, freedom. That’s why we decided to keep this secret to ourselves, at least for a while, ” she said for Eva, who did not hide her joy that the whole plan was a success.

Sun or rain?

The moderator of the primary Main News called her wedding a fairytale and exactly according to her ideas. It had an effect on the whole romantic atmosphere and the environment of the beautiful island of Mauritius and the fact that got married during the holidays. But even here there were a lot of factors that could ruin the whole wedding day, and what surprised her the most was the weather.I still didn’t know if the sun would be shining on our journey together or if it was going to rain. The weather in Mauritius is simply unpredictable, so we didn’t know what it would be like until the last minute, ” admitted a happy newlywed.

“I got married for the first time in my life and of course I wanted everything to be perfect. We had great support in the form of a wedding coordinator, with whom we had the opportunity to fine-tune all the details of the wedding and we are really happy to use such services.” said Eva, who chose a dress in Adina wedding center and was said to be very satisfied. “They have a beautiful decoration, a fluffy skirt, a long veil … I really felt like a fairy tale.”

When will the baby be?

When their big day took place on an exotic island, will the newlyweds go on their honeymoon at all? “I think there will be another honeymoon, “ laughing presenter. “My husband and I are very active, we can’t stand much on the beach. Even during the holidays in Mauritius and the wedding preparations, we climbed Mount Le Morne. that I won’t even look at the top, but I went and overcame this challenge, ” she boasted to us.

Of course, the immediate family of the two newlyweds knew about their plans, but due to the coronavirus situation, not everyone Eva and Ivan would like to attend at their wedding could attend, but according to Eva, the most important thing for them is that she is happy.

Eva and Ivan have already had an engagement and a wedding, but what about plans to start a family? Ivan and I recently (in January) celebrated the fifth anniversary of our relationship, we were engaged since last April, now we have moved a little further again. So it’s natural that we’ve talked about children before, and we’d definitely like them in the future. ” the charming blonde revealed.

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