Denmark has handed over dead pirates to Nigeria

For two months, the bodies have been stored in the cold room of the frigate Esbern Snare, the Danish defense writes on its website.

The frigate was allowed to sail into Nigerian waters to hand over the four to government officials. The actual handover took place at sea using two of the frigate’s inflatable boats.

The four men were killed in an exchange of gunfire on November 24. Four other men were also arrested. Three of them were released and put in a smaller boat with enough food and fuel to land on the coast of Nigeria.

The fourth man was wounded in the exchange of fire and was transported to Denmark because it was not justifiable to release him at sea. He is in custody for attempted murder of Danish soldiers, but denies criminal guilt.

The man says Danish soldiers shot from a helicopter without warning those he and the others were to meet a ship to unload it in port.


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