Delft researchers receive Queen Máxima and European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

Delft – Queen Máxima will visit the European Commission for innovation, research, culture, education and youth on Wednesday afternoon, May 18, together with Mariya Gabriel. TU Delft† The visit is dedicated to science and innovation. The visit starts with a tour of the labs of the Bionanoscience department of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The scientists of the so-called European Synthetic Cell Initiative talk about their research into the smallest building blocks of cells. They are investigating exactly how these building blocks are put together in order to be able to make the first working, artificial cell themselves. During the visit, the scientists discussed the technological and societal impact of their research.

TU Delft

Next, The Green Village is visited; a testing ground on the TU Delft campus. In this testing ground, innovations for, among other things, making a built environment more sustainable are tested. On the site are houses that are inhabited, so that new techniques can be directly adapted to the needs of the residents.


This is followed by a discussion about the university’s innovation ecosystem. Several Delft founders of start-ups share their experiences with entrepreneurship. Scientists talk about the relationship between their research and the path to society. One of the topics discussed is which measures can help to get innovations on the market more quickly.


The visit will be concluded with a tour of QuTech, the Delft research institute where scientists work on, among other things, quantum computers and the quantum internet. These new techniques could have major consequences for the digital society of the future. In the lab, Queen Máxima and the European Commissioner speak with scientists and the founders of start-ups that are already working with the latest quantum techniques.

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