DAKAR ONLINE: ATV Tůma is the best Czech, he finished fourth. What about Macik?

Yes, his category is wither after moving to South America. Only seven brave people even started the last stage, however, Tůma drove his head, did not take any chances and saved his technique. This is also the key to success in the Dakar. The Dakar winner of the ATVs is the Frenchman Alexandre Giroud.

Bikers have also completed the final kilometers. The overall winner for the second time was Sam Sunderland from Great Britain. Martin Michek was 14 in the last stage.

“Last year I won a historic result for Czech motorsport, this year I am glad to be at the finish line. I experienced a lot. First I wandered when I lost an hour, then cooling problems, a traffic accident after an accident on a dune and a destroyed bike. “There was 16th place in sight, I lost six or five minutes. I said we would try, what if the first fifteen succeeded. It didn’t work out in the end. But I’m interested in fighting and racing. That’s why I’m here,” he said after the finish.

He also recalled Thursday’s knightly gesture from an Ecuadorian “rival” who had lent him a bike so he could – albeit at a huge loss – move on. “I shed tears. Upon arrival at the finish line, I saw the last two bikers hugging and rejoicing that they were in the bivouac after eight hours. That brought me back to the ground. It really happened, I went through hell. But when I finished stage, so I was between 10th and 15th place, which is great. I put my heart into the race. This year’s end is different, but also beautiful, “added Michek, 36th overall.

In absolute order, Jan Brabec is the best of the Czech bikers, finishing 23rd. Milan Engel then took second place in the Original by Motul category, which is intended for riders without assistance.

The car and truck categories are not yet at the finish line.


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