Cristiano Ronaldo knocked Messi out of his hinges!

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You shouldn’t tickle Lionel Messi (34) too much. While slowly recovering from Covid-19, the Argentinian PSG striker has not played a match for a month (December 22 in Lorient, 1-1) and should be back tomorrow at the end of the 22nd L1 day for the reception of the Stade de Reims (8:45 p.m.).

In the meantime, “La Pulga” has come out of its usual reserve to teach a certain Jamie Carragher a lesson. Today TV consultant, the former glory of Liverpool and the selection of the Three Lions revealed that Messi had stalked him recently because of Cristiano Ronaldo in particular!

“Messi is not happy with me, I said Messi was not a great signing for PSG compared to Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United and Messi private messaged me on Instagram,” he said. he revealed at the microphone of Sky Sports. I won’t reveal the private contents here, but he basically called me an ass! Lionel, I love you, you are the greatest player in history, I’m an ass compared to you, but I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have been in my boy Mohamed Salah’s place in the team FIFA dude of the year. »

to summarize

Although he is far from Lionel Messi on the Manchester United side, Cristiano Ronaldo (36) still manages to bring the Argentine striker from PSG out of his usual reserve. Jamie Carragher will not say otherwise.

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