Covid vaccine. They apply reinforcement to teachers in Jalisco with Moderna

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Both within the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara and in other points of Jalisco, this Wednesday teachers and administrative staff received the booster dose of vaccination against covid-19. There are more than 166 thousand members of the educational sector who attend three macromodules in the AMG and 11 within the state.

The rector of the University Center for Health Sciences, José Francisco Muñoz Valle reported that The University of Guadalajara enabled the module of the University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering and the Bicentennial Plaza where 32,000 doses will be applied per day in both modules.

“16 thousand 800 doses will be applied per day and in the particular case of the regional university centers where a vaccination module was also installed 15 thousand 287 doses per day for a total of 32 thousand 800 doses per day specifically in the modules of the University of Guadalajara. For us it is a pleasure to participate in this event which will benefit all teachers in the state,” he said.

The teachers came with their vaccination file after the application of the first dose of the biological CanSino, which they received a few months ago and starting this Wednesday they will receive the reinforcement of the Moderna brand.

The state Secretary of Education, Juan Carlos Flores Miramontes reported that the platform registered 70,000 teachers since yesterday at 12:00 p.m. when the option for appointments to teachers was opened.

“Let us remember that the Health Board agreed that basic education teachers should have priority 24 hours in advance of the platform to be able to get vaccinated to be able to do it in these first three days of vaccination, so that they would have the weekend to recover from the effects that, as you know, are common, slight discomfort after vaccination,” he commented.

The recommendations made by the authorities to teachers is to show up at the headquarters only a few minutes in advance, go with a pen, not be accompanied, and wear a face mask at all times.

Vaccination reinforcement day progresses without complications in Plaza Bicentenario

The vaccination for teachers in the Bicentennial square located next to the Juan José Arreola public library in Zapopan, did not have any complications for the development of the immunization of teachers who attended this call very early.

The teachers detailed that with this there is greater certainty to be able to start face-to-face classes and above all to avoid contagion. both in the teaching staff and in the students.

“It is not the same to be vaccinated as not to have that reinforcement to be safe and to be able to be at the forefront with the children. I teach preschool if the parents are restless but they are sure that we are responsible and trying to be as reliable as possible,” said teacher Claudia Guerrero.

This booster shot it is only for teachers who received the first dose of CanSino in April 2021.

“Well, first of all, to be protected and more than anything to know that we can be well, very difficult because being locked up and working with children is very difficult, it has also been a challenge because of the signal, the devices and that,” said Elvia Aceves.

It is worth mentioning that in the module set up in this Bicentennial square, a little more than 6,000 doses will be applied daily to teachers and will be operating from 7:30 in the morning onwards.

This vaccination day for teachers and educational personnel will be active from Wednesday, January 12 to 17.



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