COVID-19 Crazy Again, This Country Lockdown Millions of Unvaccinated Citizens


Austria tightens rules again, now millions of people who are not vaccinated are forced to be vaccinatedlockdown. The policy, which began on Monday (11/15/2021), came after the country recorded a record spike in COVID-19 cases in intensive care or ICU.

Lately, Europe has indeed become the center of the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries have been forced to re-impose lockdown. Austria is one of the European countries that recorded the highest infection rate, the incidence of cases over the past week was reported to have touched 815 per 100,000 people.

“We are not taking this step lightly, but it is necessary,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told a news conference announcing the new measure, under which those who are not vaccinated can only leave their homes for a limited number of reasons such as going to work or shopping for basic necessities.

Many residents are skeptical about the vaccine

Quoted from Reuters, there are 65 percent of the Austrian population who have received two doses COVID-19 vaccine, one of the lowest vaccination coverages in western Europe. Apparently, many Austrians are skeptical about vaccines.

The rules in place will regulate the movement of unvaccinated people, prohibiting them from entering restaurants, hotels, theaters, and even ski lifts.

While the Netherlands is also facing a spike in cases by imposing a partial lockdown that applies to all citizens, the Austrian government is looking to avoid further restrictions on those who have been vaccinated.

“In fact we’ve been telling people not to leave their homes for other reasons. This is a massive restriction in contact between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated,” said Schallenberg.

“Austria’s lockdown, which does not apply to children under 12 years old or people who have recently recovered from COVID-19, will initially last 10 days,” Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein said.

Even so, many officials feel unsure of strategy lockdown For residents who are not vaccinated, this will be effective in suppressing the transmission of COVID-19.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said there would be thorough police checks during the lockdown, those found violating the law could be fined up to 1,450 euros, and all police would check people’s vaccination status.

“From tomorrow, every citizen, every person living in Austria must be aware that they can be questioned by the police,” Nehammer told a news conference.

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