News Coronavirus, the latest news from Italy and the world

Coronavirus, the latest news from Italy and the world


11.35 am – Prime Minister Conte in audience with the Pope
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was received in audience by the Pope this morning. It is probable that the Prime Minister and Bergoglio in the face-to-face private dealt with issues concerning the emergency, a matter that worries everyone.

11.31 am – 15 Polish doctors are arriving in Brescia
15 doctors from Poland are expected in the afternoon. These are specialists in intensive care and resuscitators, that is, three emergency medicine teams that will be operational at the Brescia Hospital. A new gesture of solidarity from a European country, after the arrival of a team of doctors from Albania.

11.27 am – Milan, tomorrow presentation of Ospedalefieramilano
The press conference to present the Ospedalefieramilano scheduled to host new intensive care places is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Present the President of the Region Attilio Fontana together with Enrico Pazzali, President of the Fiera Milano Foundation, Ezio Belleri, General Director of the Polyclinic of Milan, who will have the health management of the facility, and a delegate of Guido Bertolaso, infected.

11.26 am – New York, field hospital in Central Park
A field hospital is being set up in the middle of Central Park. Mount Sinai Hospital and NGO Samaritan’s Purse explained that the facility will have 68 beds, ten of intensive care.

11.13 – A minute of silence for the victims tomorrow
Tricolor band in front of the town hall and half-mast flags. so that all the mayors of Italy, tomorrow at noon, will remember the dead with a minute’s silence. The initiative started from the province of Bergamo: 243 first citizens who asked to organize the mourning moment to the president of the province Gianfranco Gafforelli (in turn mayor of Calcinate) who accepted the proposal. The initiative came up to ANCI, the national association of Italian municipalities that decided to relaunch it.

11.08 am – CEI, 3 million to hospitals including Gemelli
The Italian Episcopal Conference provides another 3 million euros – from the eight per thousand funds that citizens allocate to the Catholic Church – for the benefit of the Policlinico Gemelli Foundation, of the Villa Salus Hospital of Mestre, of the Regional General Hospital Miulli of Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari). Cei itself makes it known. To support healthcare facilities, the CEI has opened a fundraiser.

10.56 am – Gentiloni: The path is by agreement, we look at objectives
If we turn the discussion by Mes and Coronabond on the objectives and how to finance them, I am positive that the way to find an agreement can be found: Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said on the Circo Massimo transmission. For Gentiloni, the division in the EU can be overcome if we start from the common objectives that we must finance. I am confident that a way of sharing can be found and I think that it must inevitably be done in a dialogue with Germany to find a compromise.

10.34 am – Spain, over 80 cases with over 6800 deaths
With 80,110 cases, Spain approaches the number of infections reported so far throughout China (82,156): what emerges from the data of the Johns Hopkins University. There are 6,803 dead in the country and 14,709 people recovered. In addition, positive result Fernando Simn, director of the Spanish Coordination Center for Health Emergencies. Now waiting for the results of a second confirmation test.

10.27 am – Portugal gives citizenship to irregular migrants
In the face of the emergency, the Portuguese government has decided to put all irregular migrants in order (and with the request already started) so as to guarantee them the same rights as other citizens. The interior minister explained that in a state of emergency the priority is the defense of collective health and safety and added that in these moments it becomes even more important to guarantee the rights of the most fragile, as are migrants.

10.21 – Feast in the Neapolitan with 50 people: investigations in progress
A real condominium party, extended to courtyards and narrow streets, was organized yesterday in the Moroccan popular district of Pozzuoli (Naples). About fifty people attended, as can be seen from some videos posted on social media. Investigations have been launched to trace the organizers and participants. The sentence of the mayor of Pozzuoli, Vincenzo Figliolia, on his Facebook page that speaks of a scandalous event lasts. Foolish, irresponsible and without any civic sense they thought they were out of sight and therefore could do everything. I have no more words! We must respect all the rules! We cannot risk frustrating everyone’s sacrifices. Complaints and sanctions will take place.

10.14 am – Placido Domingo hospitalized in Mexico
The tenor was hospitalized in Acapulco for complications related to the infection. He is fine and responding to treatment, said his spokesman. Domingo, 79, said last week on Facebook that he had tested positive.

9.44 am – Scholarships, Piazza Affari falling: – 3%
The fall of Piazza Affari does not stop. The Ftse Mib drops 3% and then falls back to -2.8% with the Ftse Mib at 16,385 points. Among the worst drops are Unicredit (-7.38%), Intesa (-7.19%). Countercurrent Diasorin (+ 3.5%) engaged in research for a vaccine against the virus. Here the article.

9.37 am – Gallera: In the last 4 days a lot has changed
In Lombardy, we are seeing a drop in the number of cases, but above all the pressure on emergency rooms and on the action of ambulances. In the past 4 days much has changed. the sign that the great effort we are making, beyond some idiot, is working. The Lombard Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera said this in Mattino Cinque. At the Sacco hospital in Milan on Friday they had 39 deaths, they had 7 on Saturday and 9 on Sunday – he specified -. a case, but the reduction is there, therefore a positive figure.

9.27 am – Calabria, 14 armored municipalities
With the latest order signed by the President of the Region, Jole Santelli, which closed, at the entrance and exit, the municipal borders of Fabrizia, in the Vibonese area, the number of isolated centers in Calabria for the emergency rises to 14. Previously, due to the number of infections, they had been armored: Montebello Jonico, San Lucido, Cutro, Rogliano, Santo Stefano di Rogliano, Serra San Bruno, Melito Porto Salvo, Bocchigliero, Chiaravalle Centrale, Soverato, Cenadi, Torre di Ruggero, Vallefiorita .

9.22 am – In Piedmont a new hospital opened, today the first patients
Verduno hospital (Cuneo), which the Piedmont Region completed a few weeks in advance to deal with the emergency, was operational. Today the arrival of the first twenty patients in the 55 rooms and three intensive care beds. Welcoming patients who, after the acute phase, need to continue being cared for, Governor Alberto Cirio explained on Facebook with a video. Here the article.

9.05 am – Sanofi, also in Italy tests on antibody in seriously ill patients
The French pharmaceutical group Sanofi announces the launch of a global phase II / III clinical trial on the monoclonal antibody sarilumab (Kevzara *) in patients hospitalized in serious conditions. The trial started with immediate recruitment in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Canada and Russia, and the first treatment was already administered outside the United States where the tests started in early March.

9.04 am – In Germany the number of cases rises to 57.298, the deaths are 455
the number of infections in Germany rose to 57,298, with 4,751 new cases in one day. The Robert Koch Institute (Rki) made it known, updating the number of victims to 455, with 66 deaths in the last 24 hours.

8.37 am – In New York over a thousand deaths
Over a thousand people died in New York State: New York Times. The updated budget in this state will be disclosed today, but according to some calculations it should be at least 1,026. 59,513 people are infected, 8,503 of whom are in hospital and 2,037 in intensive care, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday.

8.47 am – Japan, cases with 67 deaths rise to 1896
1,896 people are infected in Japan at 12 noon local time (430 in Tokyo), while 67 have been killed. There are 65 severe cases in intensive care and 975 recovered. In the country, restrictions are still soft.

8.28 am – Great Britain, 20 thousand former health workers returned to service
About 20,000 former staff members of the British National Health Service have returned to work to help fight Covid-19. This was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a tweet.

8.22 am – Easyjet puts the entire fleet ashore
All the planes of the airline that announced in a note: at the moment it is not possible to establish with certainty a date of resumption of commercial flights. In the last few days – the note continues – the company has worked hard for the repatriation of numerous passengers, operating over 650 flights and bringing more than 45 thousand people home. The last repatriation flights were made yesterday. Here the article.

8.08 am – Australia allocates 130 billion Australian dollars
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that the government will allocate 130 billion Australian dollars (approximately 71.3 billion euros) in the next six months to deal with emergencies. According to the BBC, the funds will be used to provide livelihoods for about six million Australians, equal to a quarter of the population.

7.33 am – Count: The exit from the lockdown will be gradual
it is premature to say when the restrictions in Italy will be eased, but it will have to happen in a very gradual way when the scientific committee believes that the curve of contagions will begin to fall. This was stated by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in an interview with El Pais. And he adds: We are in the most acute phase of the emergency. difficult to make exact predictions. Experts are still cautious, but reasonable to think that we are close to the peak. And again: We are limiting the constitutional rights of our citizens and Europe must react by avoiding tragic errors, stresses the premier, according to which some countries do not understand the strong restrictions that this emergency will produce in the economic sphere. We are playing a historic game. Italy and Spain are the most exposed at the moment, but they will all be. Unfortunately, the numbers are increasing in all countries and a health and economic emergency affecting the whole EU. But even those countries think with an old, outdated look. An inadequate perspective for this crisis. This is a symmetrical shock that affects everyone and exceptional, as President Pedro Sanchez rightly pointed out. This is why it is necessary to respond with a strong and unitary reaction, which uses extraordinary tools. Here the article.

7.32 am – Over 34 thousand deaths worldwide and 720 thousand cases
The deaths in the world exceeded 34 thousand out of a total of over 723 thousand cases, as reported in the latest bulletin released by the Johns Hopkins University. 151,991 people have healed so far. There are 723,328 cases of contagion and 34,005 deaths.

7.23 am – Trump: If 100 thousand dead we will have done a good job
If the victims caused by the coronavirus in the United States do not exceed 100 thousand, we can say that we have done a very good job. US President Donald Trump said this during the briefing of the US task force against the epidemic. Trump therefore announced a one-month extension, until April 30, of the measures put in place to contain the spread of the infection. Here the article.

7.02 am – South Korea, new cases drop to 78 in 24 hours
Cases in the country are decreasing: yesterday there were 78 against 105 on Saturday. Deaths rose to 158 (+6), while the positives rose to 9,661, of which 4,275 cases under medical care and 5,228 discharged from hospitals, with a cure rate of 54%.

5.42 – 30 imported and one whole case in China
China reported 31 new cases on Sunday, of which 30 imported and one internal in the Gansu province. Deaths rose to 3,304 with the 4 new cases referable to Hubei, the epicenter province of the pandemic. The return infections are now 723, of which 93 resolved with healing and 630 under hospital treatment (19 serious cases). There are 81,470 infections overall, of which 2,396 are patients being treated and 75,770 recovered.

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