News Coronavirus, the latest news from Italy and the world

Coronavirus, the latest news from Italy and the world


Hours 10.08 – the Usa, over 24 thousand cases in 24 hours, a total of 2.137.731
The United States registered yesterday, more than 24 thousand new cases of coronavirus: what emerges from the count of the Johns Hopkins University: data from the university american show that in the Country the flu in the last 24 hours have been at least 24.219, and new deaths were 840: overall, the budget of bird flu cases now at level 2.137.731 and that of the dead to share 116.963

Hours 9.59 – Jay: from 1 September, schools opened for the recovery of
We have made a proposal to the regions for September 14, if we intend to bring all the students at school. But already from the first of September all schools will be open to retrieve all the activities of learning for the students. He said the minister Lucy Jay, speaking this morning in Bergamo at the istituto Quarenghi.

Hours 9.34 – New Zealand, military at the borders and after two cases “imported”
The premier of new zealand Jacinda Ardern announced plans to send military to the borders to control the entry into the Country after the confirmation of two new cases of coronavirus `imported from Great Britain. It was an error unacceptable, said Ardern, stating that he would never had to happen and not will happen pi. Sar now entrusted to the military control of the new arrivals in the Country and the respect of their quarantine period, he added. Meanwhile, the authorities of health are tracing the 320 people who have had close contact with the two women positive come from Britain and will be invited to undergo testing for the Covid-19. Close contacts might include passengers on their flight to New Zealand and other travellers quarantined in their hotel in Auckland, as well as the hotel staff and flight personnel.

Hours 9.21 – Castles: for a few years can cut Vat
We had already worked in this direction of the reduction of the Vat to give a boost to consumption, Germany is already doing. For a few year can do it with a strategy already put into the field by the president of the council in favour of electronic payments. He said the viceministra of the Economy, Laura Castelli, a Radio I. Castles has not specified how many points, but he stressed that it would be pretty elastic for consumption. a line of reasoning that we did then, and according to me you can pick up from l, along with a reduction of the personal income Tax and the taxation of the benefit for the companies.

At 9.10 am – the Count: when the Recovery plan is ready you will be in the Parliament
Even if it does not fall in the scope of this policy I confirm that the government wants to be ready to the use of european resources and gi these days I launched a broad consultation to draw up a recovery plan which will be prepared a more specific Recovery Plan that Italy presenter in September. When the project sar pi is defined to be dutifully in Parliament to report on its contents ready to collect proposals and suggestions. He says the premier Giuseppe Conte of the Room.

Hours 9.04 – Germany, Merkel warns of second wave
Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of a second wave of the pandemic coronavirus in Germany, that would lead to a halt in the easing of the restrictive measures implemented to contain the spread of the infection. As reported by the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Merkel has also stressed that the German economy is undergoing a collapse huge because of the crisis caused by the Covid-19. In regard to the economy and to measures adopted by the federal government to help in the crisis, Merkel said: I don’t know if we have jun united hope and reality. According to the German chancellor, the coronavirus not disappeared, even if it was well content. However, we must be very careful not to aggravate again the already difficult economic situation, has warned the German chancellor.

8.30 – Maturity, the way today with the new measures
At the start this morning for a half-million students, the long-awaited examination of maturity. An examination of unique and particular to the safety measures required as a result of the health emergency. But also for the mode of conduct that take into account the particularities of this school year. The graduates will support only the oral test. The 13 thousand examination committees, composed of six internal members and the president outside, starting from 8.30 to greet the candidate and the candidate this year (here all the news of our special on the maturity).

Hours 8.02 – Car: Covid halves sales in may -56,8% Europe
In the month of may in Western Europe (Eu+Uk+Efta) were registered 623.812 car than 1.444.173 of the same month of 2019. The decline 56.8%. The total for the period January-may 3.969.714, equal to a decline of 42.8% on the same period of last year. The data of the Acea, the association of the european manufacturers. The market that recorded the worst result of the United Kingdom (-89%), followed by Spain (-72,7%), France (-50,3%), Italy (-49,6%) and Germany (-49,5%).

8 hours – In the Usa, the virus has done ir the dead of the First world war
With 740 new deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours in the United States the total number of deaths due to the pandemic exceeds that of the first world war, according to a count of the Johns Hopkins University. The new data, to the 20.30 (local time, 2.30 am in Italy) Tuesday, bringing the total who have died from Covid in the Country to 116.854. In the Great war died 116.516 americans. The budget of the victims of the pandemic had already exceeded that of the soldiers killed in the Vietnam war at the end of April.

Hours 7.44 – 240 italians from Costa Rica and Panama to Milan
An airplane of the company’s Neos, took off from San Jos of Costa Rica, in flight today, after a stopover in the City of Panama, with approximately 240 Italian to Milan Malpensa airport where scheduled to arrive at around 11.30 am Italian. The return from Costa Rica, like the previous one of the 10th may last, was produced in coordination with the Unit of the foreign ministry’s crisis and has allowed the return of the last group of 135 Italian non-resident in the territory of costa rica, that cos could avoid the growing evolution of the pandemic from the coronavirus in the Country. In the scheduled stop in the panamanian capital have taken place on board the aircraft a hundred other passengers of Italian, among which – have pointed out the sources of local embassy – many of the older people, several of whom with medical illnesses, and many families with children. With this flight, they added the sources, they concluded the special operations of repatriation of compatriots registered on the website of the Italian embassy in Panama. In march, in coordination with the european representatives, were have been able to start a group of about 100 italians, including 19 students, minors of the project Intercultura. Dozens of other Italian citizens stuck in Haiti, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts & Nevis, have been assisted by the embassy of Italy in Panama, which has also resulted in the transfer to and from Port-au-Prince, ten minors, a haitian adopted by Italian families.

Hours 7.43 – In the world 8,17 million cases and more than 440mila dead
Are 443.685 deaths in the world because of the pandemic of Covid-19, according to the count of the Johns Hopkins University. Countries ir affected are the United States (11.963) followed by Brazil (45.241), Great Britain (42.054) and Italy (34.405). The infection in the world are 8.173.940. Also in this case, in the head there are Usa to 2.13 million cases. Follow Brazil with 923 thousand, Russia with over 544 thousand and India with little more than 354 thousand.

Hours 7.11 – Brazil, the record of the almost 35 thousand new cases
Brazil have been registered 1.282 new died of the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing to 45.241 the total number of deaths. This was announced by the ministry of Health of brazil, by updating to 923.189 the total number of people infected, 34.918 more than yesterday. It is the increase of the positive highest in a single day since the outbreak of the pandemic in the Country three months ago, has underlined the ministry of Health, spreading the bulletin newspaper.

Hours 7.01 – India, a day almost 2 thousand deaths
In the last 24 hours in India were killed 2 thousand people because of the pandemic of Covid-19: a new record of the victims, bringing the total to 11.903. The increase in part due to the revision of the figures in Mumbai, the city pi hit, which has all 832 deaths on the daily balance due to the defects in the counting of the victims.

Hours 4.55 – Fear of contagions, stop in Beijing erase more than a thousand flights
high alert in Beijing for the new outbreaks of coronavirus. At the airport of the chinese capital were cancelled at least 1.255 flights, equal to 70% of the total. This was reported by the People’s Daily.

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